Proven in PSAPs and in the field.

Caliber offers one of the smartest hosted CAD solutions available. Right now, an advanced Caliber on-premises solution is sharing incident details, improving response times and delivering positive public safety outcomes in communities from coast to coast.

Caliber CAD enables dispatchers, responders and commanders to collaborate in near real-time and helps unite agencies even across location boundaries.

  • Share data with nearly any network or application
  • Multi-tenant design allows multiple sites to share a common infrastructure
  • Optimized for high performance and low downtime
  • Configurable for easy operation and rapid adoption
  • Promotes collaboration with citizens
  • Supported by Maps for superior geo-validation and unit routing

Better input leads to better response.

  • Improved location intelligence with full-spectrum dedicated GIS
  • Mapping data directs responders with location information on incidents, units, landmarks, aerial and satellite imagery, specific structure photos, and more
  • Act on near real-time information—collect and process incident information to determine best next steps fast
  • Fault-tolerant architecture enables workstations that lose server connection to maintain operations and continue to exchange information