The FY21 Secured School Safety Grant application will be opening very soon. Applying schools should familiarize themselves with the grant guidelines and have all necessary reference materials before beginning the application. The FY21 performance period will remain from Sept. 1, 2020, to Aug. 31, 2021. A Notice of Funding Opportunity will be distributed once the online application is live. 

The Indiana Department of Homeland Security requests all organizations verify their IntelliGrants accounts by 4 p.m. ET on June 30. Applying entities are required to have a sub-grantee project director role in IntelliGrants to complete an application. In some cases, this may be the same individual. It is very important for your organization’s sub-grantee administrator to log in and make sure the right people are given access. If you need assistance, please submit a grants support ticket.


What do I need to do? 

Log in to IntelliGrants and verify your role and organization are correct. This is accomplished by clicking on “My Profile” once logged in.

If you have forgotten your password, click on the “Forgot Username/Password” link on the login screen to reset it.


What if my organization and/or I do not have an account?

Go to and click the “New User” link. Complete the contact information as required and click “Save” to complete. IDHS will need to validate users accounts and may reach out to you for additional information to complete your registration. It is imperative that you take these steps as soon as possible as you may experience delays as the application deadlines approach.

 You can find more information at


What are the administrator duties for my organization?

The applying entity’s sub-grantee administrator is responsible for approving additional users within their organization. Sub-grantee administrators also have the following duties: 

  • Create new organization user accounts and edit user account information. 
  • May initiate applications for grants, program reports and fiscal reports. 
  • Enters/updates information/attachments on applications for grants, program reports and fiscal reports. 
  • Submits applications for grants, program reports and fiscal reports. 
  • Downloads attachments from applications for grants, program reports and fiscal reports.
  • Manages the organization documents, organization accounts and organization document availability sections. 
  • Views/checks statuses of applications for grants, program reports and fiscal reports.

It is important that the individual chosen to serve as sub-grantee administrator have sufficient availability and authority to complete these duties, so as not to adversely impact an organization’s ability to apply for grants through the IntelliGrants system.


Is there any training material I can review?

IDHS recommends the sub-grantee administrator, at a minimum, review the “IDHS: Subrecipient User Manual.” This manual can be found once logged in by clicking on “My Training Materials.”

For more information, submit your questions to the Grant Management support ticket.