911 | Emergency Management

As a 911 Director or Emergency Communications Center Manager, you and your dispatch team have no time for screen delays, system failures, and poor integration between your essential systems. You have a critical mission that requires the most advanced technology, but have staff who are reluctant to migrate to a new solution. Caliber Public Safety offers a suite of reliable dispatch and mobile solutions that reduce data entry, eliminate the risks associated with downtime, and integrates with the external solutions that you rely on. We will show you how our highly configurable solutions can be arranged to meet your unique needs and reduce the stress of a transition to a new CAD.

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911 | Emergency management

InterAct CAD

InterAct Computer Aided Dispatch delivers a configurable workflow for distributed multi-agency and multi-discipline (law, fire, EMS) incident response

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InterAct Mobile

InterAct Mobile applications deliver critical communications, actionable data, and situational awareness for tactical decision making and responder safety.

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InterAct PocketCop

InterAct PocketCop gives law enforcement agencies the critical information they need to protect the community and increase tactical awareness with access to NCIC, motor vehicle, and other databases on inexpensive smartphones – anytime, anywhere.

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Tac10 CAD

TAC.10’s Computed Aided Dispatch is fast, flexible, and responsive, providing a vital link between dispatch and responders.

Sleuth CAD

SleuthDISPATCH truly operates as command central. This dispatch solution makes tracking your calls, units, and officers stress-free.


Computer Aided Dispatching by MDS offers flexible querying, searchable dispatch information, Alert/BOLO tracking and more.

Cisco (CAD)

Cisco E-CAD (enhanced computer aided dispatch) supports the complaint-taking and dispatching functions of a public safety agency.

Global Dispatch (CAD)

Global Dispatch is a configurable, easy-to-use Computer Aided Dispatch system with built-in GIS technology.

Tac10 Mobile

TAC.10’s Mobile gives officers secure access to mission-critical information in real-time, improving officer and public safety.

Global Frontline

Global Frontline takes advantage of the latest wireless networks and mobile devices, increasing public safety and security.

Sleuth Mobile

SleuthMOBILE offers state-of-the-art capabilities on your mobile terminal. Automated tools improve processing efficiency.

VisionTek Mobile

The FrontLine Mobile Reporting System from VisionTek provides law enforcement agencies with a tool to create their own custom reports, for both handheld devices and mobile data computers.