Three agencies recently acquired hosted Advanced Authentication for their Caliber Mobile Solutions, providing state of the art security for their users:  Whitestown Metropolitan Police Department in Whitestown, Indiana; Absentee Shawnee Tribal Police Department in Shawnee, Oklahoma; and the Grand River Dam Authority (GRDA) Police Department in Langley, Oklahoma.
Advanced Authentication (“AA”) or two-factor authentication (“2FA”) is a requirement of the CJIS security policy, required when a user is logging on to any system/application which has direct/indirect access to CJIS data from a non-secure location like any mobile or handheld device or via a laptop. The implementation of the Caliber AA solution is quick and easy!  With minimal impact of downtime, Caliber has the ability to bring an agency online in minutes. An account is set up for the agency, licensing is added, and administrators enrolled. There are many self-service tools built in that enable an administrator to manage the system with little or no direct involvement.
Nlets Hosted Service

  • Caliber’s AA is offered as a service with no hardware or software installation required for the agency (except soft tokens installed on their mobile devices)
  • Hosted at Nlets and operated in compliance with the CJIS Security Policy
  • Works with any application “out of the box” that supports the RADIUS or SAML authentication protocols
  • Also includes full API support for custom authentication requirements

Self-Service Platform Management

  • Product includes an agency administrator portal that allows agencies to manage their authentication services including activation, deactivation, and resetting tokens and passwords
  • All authentication activity is maintained in an audit log that is available to agency administrators to track all platform authentication attempts

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