CAD 10 is One of Many Caliber Solutions Featured at 2016 NENA Conference
Niagara Falls, NY
Caliber Public Safety (Caliber) will present its full line of public safety solutions, including the enhanced Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD 10) solution, at the 2016 National Emergency Number Association (NENA) conference in Indianapolis, IN. Continued enhancements demonstrate Caliber’s drive to secure its unique competitive position in the public safety marketplace. Caliber’s CAD 10 seamlessly connects and shares information within the county, region, state, and country via InterDEx, our nationwide data-sharing network comprised of over 6,200 participating users in 40 states that exchange upwards of 600K messages per day.
The latest CAD 10 enhancements include reconfigured ‘Timers’ which will improve situation awareness with the following: automatic restart of unit timers when the unit is placed in the same status; ability to manually restart or modify any running or expired timer; ability to manually create a timer on any Active Incident, Service Request, Assigned or Available Unit; ability to create an Alerts tab specifically for Notices by using the Filter option and, finally, enhanced logging for timers.
Other up-to-date features to preview at NENA include Embedded Map display enhancements, increased functionality for those agencies that have CIS permissions, including drag and drop, CLI Window modifications, and improved Interfaces for the different radio consoles series. Caliber continues to work closely with its many clients to provide the enhancements that help agencies serve and protect when seconds count.
According to Mark Mancuso, Vice President of Research & Development, for Caliber Public Safety, “The key to success for product enhancements is listening closely to what our clients have to say, and then ensuring that what we deliver aligns with their needs. Having a booth at NENA where we can showcase all of our products and get direct feedback from the attendees is important to the R&D team at Caliber.”
Through a series of strategic acquisitions in 2015, Caliber Public Safety, a business unit of Harris Systems USA, Inc., acquired InterAct, TAC.10, and Sleuth to become a premier provider of public safety software throughout the United States. As a result, Caliber’s product consolidation and organizational changes have proven to be a benefit for existing customers by creating unified support teams for research and development, customer support, and sales and marketing.
To preview these enhancements, meet our team and learn more about Caliber’s suite of products, visit us in Indianapolis at the National Emergency Number Association (NENA) conference, Booth #542, June 13-14, 2016.
Caliber Public Safety and Caliber Justice are divisions of Harris Systems USA, Inc. (Harris), a fully owned subsidiary of Constellation Software Incorporated (CSI). CSI is an international provider of market leading software and services to a select number of industries, both in the public and private sectors. Caliber Public Safety and Caliber Justice offer enterprise solutions in the areas of Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD), Records Management Solutions (RMS), Mobile, NIBRS State Repository, and Offender Management Solutions (OMS). Through strategic partnerships we have expanded our scope and reach, positioning the two divisions to provide innovative products for agencies of every size throughout the United States.
Caliber Public Safety and Caliber Justice are comprised of seven business units that rely on the decades of industry, regulatory and domain experience that our employees provide. We combine industry best practices with our state of the art suite of products to deliver a client experience that is second to none.
The full line of Caliber Public Safety and Caliber Justice software delivers the critical edge to frontline responders when seconds count.