“When I joined Caliber as Executive Vice President a year ago, I was immediately impressed with the dedication and talent of our team,” said Tammie Wojcieszak, Ph.D. “Over the last year, Caliber has responded to a strong demand for our innovative products and solutions, serving our public safety and forensic sciences customers. We experienced substantial growth in orders in 2022, a trend we expect to continue. We are excited to announce promotions within our senior management team to continue our focus on our growth strategies while maintaining concentration on the pillars that have set us apart from the competition: providing an excellent customer experience and innovative products.

To expand upon his success with growing the business in 2022 while serving the company in the dual role of Sales and Customer Success, Derek Smith has been named Vice President of Sales and Marketing. At the same time, Rachel Ferguson, an 18-year veteran of Caliber Public Safety, has been appointed Vice President of Customer Success. Rachel has served in several roles within Caliber over her tenure, most recently as the Director of Product Management for the CAD and Mobile solutions. In her new role, Rachel is responsible for leading all customer service and success operations to ensure an extraordinary customer experience. “I am incredibly excited to step into my new role,” said Rachel, “Our customers are the heart of our business, and working with them has always been the most satisfying and rewarding experience for me. Caliber has set the bar with our customer experience, and I look forward to continuing our standard of excellence as we continue to grow and scale our teams.”

To further support the company’s goals for the coming years, Darin Dillard has been promoted to Vice President of Research and Development. As the Vice President, Darin will leverage his 27 years of experience with the organization to better serve its customers. In his new role, Darin will provide a continuous flow of product research and innovation leading to the improvement of existing products, introduction to new products, the incorporation of newly acquired products, the integration of third-party solutions with Caliber’s products, and operational excellence of the R&D team. “This promotion brings together my love for innovation and passion to serve first responders.”, said Darin. “While in this new role, I look forward to continuing my journey with public safety professionals and working together to overcome the challenges we face in our communities.”

Several factors and perspectives were carefully considered while aligning the needs of the organization with future success, according to Wojcieszak. “With growth within the Public Safety and Forensic Science markets expected to continue at an exponential rate,” she explained, “I am thrilled that we had the talent and knowledge within our organization to ensure we are positioned for continued success in the future.”

About Caliber – Caliber Public Safety provides Computer-Aided Dispatch, Mobile, Records Management, and Forensic Science related solutions to 1,000+ Public Safety agencies across North America. Our customers include Federal & State Police Agencies, County Governments, Large Metropolitan, and Mid-small cities. We pride ourselves on providing solutions with data-sharing and interoperability at the core of our products. Approximately 40% of our team comes from Public Safety, which is why we share the same passion our customers do. We believe the best way to move our business forward is by taking care of our customers and employees – earning the right to win new business. As a business of Harris Computer Systems, our customers enjoy Software for Life, providing assurance we will never sunset a product in use by a maintenance-paying customer. We are in the business of forever.