It is our pleasure to announce that the Washington County Sheriff’s Department in Salem, Indiana has selected Caliber for its new Public Safety system that includes CAD, Mobile, RMS, and JMS applications. With this fully integrated suite of next-generation software solutions, Washington County will enjoy the benefits of increased productivity, reduced operating costs, painless upgrades, seamless integration, and the ability to scale as fast and as much as needed without replacing costly infrastructure or adding IT staff.
Another Agency Sharing Data
Data sharing and interoperability is one of the key drivers for Indiana’s Integrated Public Safety Commission’s statewide public safety technology initiative. Because access to InterDEx is integrated into Caliber’s technology, IPSC has executed a state contract for Caliber’s Computer Aided Dispatch, Records Management, and Mobile applications so that agencies statewide can easily procure the solutions that support the interoperability initiative.
Caliber puts the right data on the right screen at the right time to make the next right decision. For a dispatcher, this means unit availability and recommendations. For a first responder, this means pre-plans, premise or person histories, and real-time regional chat. For detectives, this means geographically vast data searches into multiple databases from a variety of vendors. These products were designed to seamlessly work together to ease the burdens of front-line responders, back-office specialists, and agency administrators. Each product meets the particular workflow requirements of a specific discipline, but allows for a smooth data interchange between departments so that everyone can work in a unified public safety environment.