The McCordsville, Indiana Police Department, located in the northwest corner of Hancock County with a population close to 7,000, has come to rely on the InterDEx data sharing network, served through Caliber’s Online RMS and Mobile products.

A Shooting with Few Leads

In August 2016 officers of the McCordsville Police Department were dispatched to the entrance of a local neighborhood for a complaint of shots fired. Responding officers located several .40 caliber Smith & Wesson shell casings lying in the street, along with several sets of skid and yaw marks upon the pavement. There were no signs of the shooter or intended victim.
After the officers completed their canvasing and speaking with potential witnesses, they found they had conflicting information and only a partial plate number. The initial consensus was that the case provided very few investigatory leads and might only be solved if the suspect’s gun was found and sent to the state police lab for a test fire comparison.

Investigating With InterDEx

The case was turned over to a McCordsville Police Department detective for review and follow-up. The detective reviewed the initial reports and re-interviewed potential witnesses. He then utilized the department’s Caliber Mobile data query product to perform a search using the partial license plate information. While the detective did not get a direct hit on the partial plate, he did receive a regional response from Caliber’s nationwide InterDEx network which provided information on a potential suspect.
Armed with this additional information the detective used Caliber’s Online RMS Statewide Smart Search feature to instantly query hundreds of thousands of police incident reports from over 100 public safety agencies in the State of Indiana that also use the Caliber Online RMS. The RMS Smart Search query led the detective to a police report filed by a Metropolitan police agency from an adjoining County in Indiana, which involved a suspect and his Glock .40 Smith & Wesson pistol. The agency’s police reports, along with recovered evidence, victim and witness interviews, and other information were enough for the detective to establish probable cause and obtain a warrant. The suspect was located, subsequently arrested, and is pending trial on criminal charges.

The Bottom Line

McCordsville Police Chief Harold C. Rodgers, Jr., points out, “Prior to having Caliber Public Safety Online RMS, the solving of this criminal activity would have taken much longer, if it was capable of being solved at all. Agencies rarely have immediate access to each other’s information and reports without writing out lengthy requests and long delays. The Smart Search database within Caliber Online RMS made information otherwise available, but unknown, readily available at the detective’s fingertips.”