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Public Safety and Mobile Apps

If you’ve ever seen a police officer examining a handheld phone, you might have thought you were seeing someone check their text messages or even the weather the way so many of us do. What you may not know is that many officers use handheld apps on agency-issued smartphones for everything from access to records and dispatch info, to other more specialized information. Back in 2019, Police1 wrote that mobile apps were changing the face of [...]

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Public Safety and the Tech Learning Curve

Michael Sparks, writing for Police1, reported just two years ago that a “digital transformation” is overtaking law enforcement. “Several key factors are converging to create the new face of policing, benefiting officers and the communities they protect,” he writes. “These factors include an incoming infusion of young, tech-savvy talent, the enhanced speed and connectivity of today’s wireless networks, and the capabilities of rugged mobile devices to aid in increasing efficiencies and streamlining communications.” He goes on [...]

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Online Records Management

Online Records Management Some of the oldest record keeping is said to be cuneiform on clay tablets. There’s no doubt that the ability to keep records… and to file them… is at the heart of modern civilization. Our ability to process, tabulate, and access information when and where we want it allows us to share that information with others and speeds the progress of society overall (as it enables us to use that information to accomplish [...]

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National Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Week

National EMS Week is from May 21 to May 27. This is the 49th time that National EMS Week will be celebrated since President Gerald Ford authorized the week to “Celebrate EMS practitioners and the important work they do in our nation’s communities". The theme of National EMS Week in 2023 is “Where Emergency Care Begins.” According to, “EMS Week is a time to thank paramedics, EMTs, and the entire EMS workforce for their service [...]

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National Police Week

National Police Week is from May 15 to May 21, 2023. Because so much of what Caliber Public Safety does supports law enforcement, it is always a good time to acknowledge the men and women of law enforcement working to keep our communities safer. According to, violent crime fell by 1.7 percent in 2021 after growing by 4.6 percent in 2020. Property crime fell by 4.5% in 2021. Governments spent $267 billion on law enforcement [...]

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Mental Health Awareness Month

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. There’s never been a better time to talk about the mental toll of law enforcement and other first-response work. This toll extends, not only to the first responders and emergency personnel themselves but also to those who handle Dispatching and staff 911 call centers. The sad fact is that work in emergency response and law enforcement can create a heavy burden that the brave people in these professions shoulder with [...]

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Public Safety Software and National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week

Public safety software supports first responders across the country in keeping your community safer, facilitating the dispatch of appropriate personnel to emergencies, and keeping first responders (including police, fire, and EMS personnel) aware of dangers they may face. This makes public safety software, such as the computer-aided dispatch and records management software Caliber Public Safety provides, immensely important. But did you know that there is an entire week devoted to celebrating those who use public safety [...]

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Why Online RMS Makes Sense

Caliber's Online RMS Caliber Public Safety, among many other products, produces Online RMS, a Records Management System that offers your municipality or agency many advantages. A police records management system, like any other records management system, can make every aspect of your agency run more smoothly and efficiently. Image API posted an article last year explaining some of the advantages of Records Management Systems in general. These absolutely are applicable to police records management [...]

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K9 Veterans Day

As we’ve said before on this page, Caliber Public Safety produces a full suite of software solutions such as computer-aided dispatch, mobile, and online / cloud-based records management systems. While some of that software is meant for use on terminals and other devices, some of it is used by individual officers on their smartphones. But there is one category of law enforcement officer that, while we gladly support them too, will never be able to use [...]

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Women In Law Enforcement

March is Women’s History Month, and given Caliber Public Safety’s longtime commitment to supporting law enforcement personnel while helping all involved to better serve their communities, now is a great time to look at the history of women in law enforcement. Women in law enforcement have enjoyed a long history. In New York, Flora Foster served as a “prison matron” from 1945 until her death in 1882. In 1891, Marie Owns was designated “patrolman" in Chicago [...]

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