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Harvey County KS 911 Completes Major Upgrade

Harvey County, Kansas made the decision to migrate from the Global Dispatch 911 to a next generation dispatch system to improve the safety of their first responders and the community. Don Gruver, the 911 Director at Harvey, selected CAD NG for its ability to handle disconnected operations, parse NCIC returns, and to have the ability to have multiple incidents open for a dispatcher.   Harvey County has successfully used the InterAct Mobile 8 system for several [...]

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Harris Customer Training Conference, November 15-17 in Atlantic City, NJ

The annual Harris Customer Training Conference provides an intensive three-day learning opportunity for you to increase technical know-how, leverage best practices from industry peers, and influence your chosen products and solution offerings. This year, HCTC will bring together 19 Harris Business Units -- including Caliber Public Safety -- and more than 1,500 delegates, staff and sponsors for a fun-filled learning experience. HCTC is the opportune time to network with other Harris users; explore products and services to help [...]

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Caliber Welcomes Another New TIMS RMS Agency in Michigan

The Clare Police Department in Clare, MI will be moving to the TIMS (Talon Incident Management System) in the upcoming months. Like many other agencies in Michigan, Clare will be migrating from their current DDP RMS program to Caliber's solution.   By moving to TIMS, Clare will be ready for the new MICR XML processing requirements coming in the new year. They will also be able to share data with over 100 agencies using TIMS in [...]

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Bluegrass KY 911 Expands CAD Positions

We are excited to announce that Bluegrass 911 Central Communications, located in Lancaster, Kentucky, has recently expanded their CAD positions by adding two additional stations with Caliber Public Safety for their Computer Aided Dispatch and mapping needs. Caliber’s enhanced next generation CAD system will allow Bluegrass 911 to provide superior consolidated dispatching services for all their agencies.   According to Director Russ Clark, “Caliber Public Safety has a very user-friendly CAD system in the remote host [...]

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Welcome, Goose Creek Consolidated ISD!

It is our pleasure to announce that Goose Creek Consolidated Independent School District (CISD) Police Department, located in Baytown,TX, went live with Online RMS on Wednesday, August 09, 2017. We are honored to welcome you to the Caliber family of user agencies!   Goose Creek has 14 Sworn Police Officers and 5 Non-Sworn Personnel. The school district has 16 elementary schools, 5 junior high schools, 4 high schools, a career center, and two alternative centers for [...]

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Howard County Coroner Adds RMS Licenses

The Howard County IN Coroner’s Office in Kokomo, Indiana added Caliber Online RMS licenses.  This will enable the Coroner to share data with the Howard County Sheriff’s Department, allow for more efficient access to data and reporting, and aid in the investigations.   According to Coroner Dr. Steven J. Seele, “When multiple agencies are involved in an investigation, communication is the backbone of obtaining results. With the Howard County Coroner’s Office acquiring the use of Caliber’s RMS [...]

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TIMS RMS Implementations Expanding in Kent County, MI

The Wyoming and Grandville Police Departments have chosen TIMS as their RMS software adding to the numerous agencies that already use the TIMS police reporting software in Kent County, MI. Their purchase included several modules that enable CAD, e-Ticket and e-Crash data to automatically populate their police reports saving time and improving accuracy. They also will be utilizing the electronic Officer Daily program to help improve the gathering of statistical information on the officer’s daily activities [...]

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Kalkaska PD Migrates to TIMS RMS Software

Kalkaska Police Department in Kalkaska, MI has decided to take advantage of a migration program to move to the Talon Incident Management System (TIMS). The TIMS software conforms to the new MICR XML standards being required by the Michigan State Police starting in January 2018, so they will be ready for that new change. It will also be hosted by Caliber so the agency will not need to purchase their own server hardware.   TIMS has [...]

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New Data Sharing Network for Jones County IA

The Jones County IA Sheriff’s Office, Anamosa Police Department, and Monticello Police Department are merging together into a state-of-the-art, county-wide, shared system. All three agencies are long time Caliber Public Safety clients, all already on the Caliber Iowa Flagship System, but they have been on separate, disconnected servers.   Each agency’s data will be merged together into a single database on a centralized server. No agency can edit another agency’s data, but each can view other [...]

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Vincennes Fire Department Selects Caliber Mobile Software

The Vincennes Fire Department in Vincennes, Indiana recently purchased Caliber's Mobile software. The addition of Caliber Mobile will greatly improve communication and unit status between the Fire units and Dispatch. According to Firefighter Zack Westfall, “This technology will allow for a secondary line of communication between the fire units and dispatch during everyday operations or in the event of a disaster." Westfall also added, “The entire project was funded by the Assistance to Firefighters Grant (AFG)”. [...]

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