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Caliber PocketCop® Earns FirstNet Certified Designation

Winston-Salem, N.C., June 17, 2019 – Following a rigorous review process, PocketCop® is now FirstNet Certified™. PocketCop® places real-time criminal and incident information into the hands of first responders using smartphones or tablet devices. Using the PocketCop® app, first responders have highly secure, immediate access to CJIS data sources, mission-critical BOLO’s, CAD Call assignments and messaging capabilities while on patrol or on foot, equipping them with actionable information to increase their situational awareness to make better-informed [...]

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Caliber is excited to announce its partnership with PredPol, Inc., the predictive policing company.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of response. Caliber is excited to announce its partnership with PredPol, Inc., the predictive policing company. August 2018 Smart law enforcement agencies across North America are putting the processing, pattern recognition and planning power of AI in their proverbial pockets. Serving up data from Caliber’s industry-leading Online Records Management System (RMS), PredPol helps law enforcement to plan patrol routes and create missions to increase the likelihood that their [...]

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Five Ways Agencies Can Report and Collaborate More Effectively Using Online RMS

Online RMS from Caliber Public Safety makes it easy for officers, dispatchers and investigators to enter and share information Nov 9, 2017 By PoliceOne BrandFocus Staff   Law enforcement agencies rely heavily on records management systems to support day-to-day operations. An efficient RMS includes not just the software to electronically collect, organize and store secure information, it will also afford administrators, investigators and officers in the field intuitive ways to effectively navigate copious amounts of sensitive [...]

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Share Your Data and Search Other Agencies’ Records with InterDEx

Caliber Public Safety provides its users with access to a nationwide network of person, property and incident data through its InterDEx network Nov 9, 2017 By PoliceOne BrandFocus Staff   Access to investigative data often means the difference between solving a case and watching it go cold. Insight into the information gathered by other police agencies can provide a tremendous advantage and fuel more thorough investigations and, ultimately, more convictions. Imagine being able to access potentially [...]

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Caliber Public Safety’s InterDEx Leads Indiana Detective to Felony Arrest

Caliber Public Safety works closely with the McCordsville, Indiana Police Department to solve crimes across county borders. Located in the northwest corner of Hancock County just south of Geist Reservoir, with a population close to 7,000, McCordsville is the second largest municipality solely in Hancock County, and is proximate to Indianapolis, the state’s capitol. The McCordsville Police Department serves the area and has come to rely on the InterDEx data sharing network, served through Caliber’s Online [...]

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Caliber Partners with Gemalto

Caliber and Gemalto's solutions allow law enforcement to rapidly deploy strong authentication technology to meet CJIS requirements and pass state audits. By combining Caliber's public safety expertise in Records Management and Gemalto's SafeNet Authentication Service, the two companies have created a strong portfolio of cloud-based identity and data protection solutions. Read the complete article here:

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Caliber Public Safety Works With Multiple Missouri Sheriffs Agencies To Enhance Local, State, And National Databases Searching

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Niagara Falls, NY   Unified Searching Follows Criminal Movement Throughout the State and Beyond   Caliber Public Safety (Caliber) has implemented Online Records Management System (RMS) in 23 Missouri counties to enhance compliance with Missouri NIBRS reporting, improve data capture, and expand information reach and retrieval. Historically, law enforcement agencies utilized RMS via on-site computer servers, which limited the depth and breadth of searches to local jurisdictions. By utilizing Caliber’s Online RMS, hosted [...]

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Caliber Public Safety Delivers Rapid Implementation for Coffey County, KS Dispatch Center

Internal Server Failure Leads to Migration Solution   When the Coffey County, KS Sheriff’s Office Communications Center’s legacy server crashed, leaving them vulnerable without Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) to field emergency calls, Caliber Public Safety (Caliber) worked closely and swiftly to provide an immediate solution. With a rapid implementation, taking just seven weeks from start to finish, the Center now utilizes Caliber’s Next Generation (NG) CAD, which offers the stability and peace of mind needed when working [...]

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Caliber Public Safety Releases CAD NG 10.5

Niagara Falls, NY Caliber Public Safety Releases CAD NG 10.5 Preview New Features at the 2017 NENA Conference in San Antonio TX – Booth #327   Caliber Public Safety’s (Caliber) Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) Next Generation (NG) is designed to enable dispatchers, responders and commanders to collaborate in real-time, across agency, discipline, and location boundaries. Release 10.5 for CAD NG focuses on continuous enhancement for overall CAD performance and maximizing location processing functions, greatly reducing responder [...]

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Caliber Public Safety Welcomes Mr. Mike Martin as Sales Account Manager

North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia Public Safety Agencies To Benefit From In-Depth Knowledge   Caliber Public Safety is pleased to announce the appointment of Mike Martin as the Sales Account Manager for a territory that includes North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia. Mr. Martin has over 20 years of experience in the public safety software industry having previously marketed an extensive range of state-of-the-art public safety solutions to a broad range of municipalities in the [...]

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