We are thrilled to announce a series of promotions within our organization, recognizing the exceptional contributions of three outstanding individuals: Jeremy McDougal, Charles Smith, and Peter Norman. These promotions not only celebrate their past achievements but also signal our commitment to nurturing talent and fostering ongoing growth within our team.

Jeremy McDougal: A 20-year veteran at Caliber, Jeremy’s impact on our data services is undeniable. He has transformed our data conversion team into a powerhouse, consistently delivering exceptional results and innovative solutions for Public Safety and beyond. Known for his big-picture thinking and ability to tackle complex challenges, Jeremy is a true leader and mentor within our business unit. His well-deserved promotion to Director, Data Services highlights his crucial role in Caliber’s continued success.

Charles Smith: With 10 years of dedication to Caliber, Charles’ unwavering commitment to excellence has driven significant improvements in our deployment processes. As a skilled Deployment Tech and, more recently, Deployment Manager, his meticulous attention to detail and dedication to both short- and long-term goals have streamlined operations and ensured smooth product launches. We are proud to announce Charles’ promotion to Director, Deployment Services, where his expertise will continue to guide us towards even greater efficiency and success.

Peter Norman: For 23 years, Peter has been a cornerstone of our software development team, consistently exceeding expectations with his technical prowess and collaborative spirit. His unwavering commitment to quality and his ability to inspire and guide his colleagues have been instrumental in bringing our projects to life. Recognizing his leadership potential, we are excited to announce Peter’s promotion to Team Lead for our mobile products. In this new role, Peter will leverage his extensive experience and deep understanding of our technology stack to oversee the day-to-day operations of our mobile software development, fostering a culture of innovation and collaboration.

These promotions are a testament to our commitment to investing in our people and building a team of skilled, passionate individuals. We are confident that Jeremy, Charles, and Peter will continue to make significant contributions in their new roles, shaping the future of Caliber and, by extension, the success of our partners and clients.