When the CAD computer server crashed at Coffey County, the dispatchers resorted to pen and paper.  It would have taken several weeks to order and install a new server and to reconfigure the Global Dispatch software.  Rather than re-installing a legacy system, Coffey County made the decision to implement “CAD NG” to serve the county in the coming years.  The Caliber professional services team got creative and developed a rapid implementation plan to first get Coffey County off of pen and paper and to phase them into the full functionality of CAD NG.
Some of the key features of Calber’s CAD NG include:

Disconnected Operations
• Our system is designed with uninterrupted service in mind so that, if you lose connectivity to the server, you JUST KEEP WORKING. Dispatchers can still create calls, assign and track your units, add vehicles, and add comments to your calls from your local workstation.

• What this means to you and your Telecommunicators is that you never have to revert back to pen and paper, should you lose connection to your server/network — whether planned or unplanned.

• When connectivity is restored, the workstations and the server synchronize automatically. There’s nothing special you need to do, and no CAD catch-up is required.

Actionable Data
• Another Caliber innovation is that we make your data work for you! With our parsed NCIC state data, we return ALL queries in the same format regardless of state.
• This includes persons, vehicles, articles, and guns.
• All data is in the same place, every time, improving the time that first responders get the information they need.

Dedicated GIS department
• Caliber has a full-time, full-spectrum GIS department dedicated to Public Safety
• With accurate maps, you have real-time unit and incident information
• Turn by turn directions leads to quicker response times