Caliber CAD NG


  • Situational Awareness While creating an incident, Caliber CAD NG automatically checks for Priors, Notices/BOLOs, Premise Records, Response Plan information, and more, then displays that information instantly in the incident window.
  • Advanced Mapping & AVL Provide the fastest responses, with the closest units, using AVL-based recommendations. Additional devices can be configured as GPS sources as well, to give you even better visibility of where your resources are.
  • Embedded CIS Run NCIC and other CJIS related queries directly from CAD. All results are returned in a standardized summary view, with easy-to-read labels for fast and accurate results.
  • Auto-Send Automatic text messages and emails from CAD are a great way to ensure that your key resources are always in the know. Alert admin and outside resources to major incidents, or set your fire departments up with emails after every run.

“We’ve been with Caliber for 17 years and we love it! The amount of automation available has made our jobs a lot easier, and everyone enjoys how easy CAD NG is to use.”

Jonnine Fisher, Communications OIC, Harrison County Sheriff's Office, MS

“Lawrence County has been a Caliber customer for 23 years and counting and we decided to stay with Caliber when we migrated to CAD NG in 2018 not only for the features that it brought but for the best customer service and support!”

Marty Crum, Operations Manager, Lawrence County Emergency Communications District, TN

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