Caliber CAD NG


  • Situational Awareness While creating an incident, Caliber CAD NG automatically checks for Priors, Notices/BOLOs, Premise Records, Response Plan information, and more, then displays that information instantly in the incident window.
  • Advanced Mapping & AVL Provide the fastest responses, with the closest units, using AVL-based recommendations. Additional devices can be configured as GPS sources as well, to give you even better visibility of where your resources are.
  • Embedded CIS Run NCIC and other CJIS related queries directly from CAD. All results are returned in a standardized summary view, with easy-to-read labels for fast and accurate results.
  • Auto-Send Automatic text messages and emails from CAD are a great way to ensure that your key resources are always in the know. Alert admin and outside resources to major incidents, or set your fire departments up with emails after every run.

“We’ve been with Caliber for 17 years and we love it! The amount of automation available has made our jobs a lot easier, and everyone enjoys how easy CAD NG is to use.”

Jonnine Fisher, Communications OIC, Harrison County Sheriff's Office, MS

“Lawrence County has been a Caliber customer for 23 years and counting and we decided to stay with Caliber when we migrated to CAD NG in 2018 not only for the features that it brought but for the best customer service and support!”

Marty Crum, Operations Manager, Lawrence County Emergency Communications District, TN

WebCAD is a browser-based application that allows you to create Calls For Service and view CAD data remotely.


  • Create a new Incident in WebCAD
  • Add Narrative entries to open/Active Incidents
  • Add personalized layers to the Map


  • View Active Incidents
  • View Unit Statuses
  • View Incidents/Units plotted on the Map
  • View/Run CAD NG Reports


Authorized Users can simply launch WebCAD in their internet browser and start collecting call information from anywhere! Short on staff or need to limit employees on site?  WebCAD allows your agency to leverage staff from other departments such as Records or Administration to collect call information.

Our interactive ESRI based Map even allows Users to configure and display any publicly available layers from ESRI’s ArcGIS.  Layers such as Weather Radar, COVID-19 cases, or even information on hospital bed utilization.

FirstAlert – The one-touch emergency notification app.

FirstAlert is an always-on “panic button” that offers faster emergency response at schools, universities, hospitals, government buildings, and more.  By automatically creating an incident in CAD, FirstAlert can save First Responders minutes when being dispatched to an emergency event.

  • Easy to deploy and use: First Alert is intuitive and deployment is simple, fast, and painless.
  • FirstAlert can be configured to meet your needs: Supports geo-fencing, texting, emailing, and CAD integration as a voice-free way of communicating with emergency responders when seconds count.


  • Integrates directly into existing Cailber CAD NG or can be deployed as a stand-alone solution
  • No Call 9-1-1: Requests help without having to call 9-1-1
  • Available One-Touch Dispatching
  • Continued communication with 9-1-1 Centers during an incident, including 2-way chat within the application
  • Application integration allows 9-1-1 Centers to manage without third-party solutions

“Prior to FirstAlert, our primary emergency systems were the phones in our rooms and offices. In a school emergency, you want every tool you can get. We’re super excited to have this added ability to connect with first responders in an instant. Caliber gave us peace of mind and that extends to our staff, our students, and all of their familes.” 

Michael Reynolds, Assistant Principal Lebanon High School, IN

The flexible design of Caliber CAD NG allows us to support many existing interfaces to 3rd party public safety systems.  Our CAD solution was designed around industry standards and best practices,  allowing us to quickly implement new interfaces as they are requested.
Bi-Directional Interface: Data flows between CAD NG and the 3rd-party application based on actions performed in either application.

One-Way/Export Interface: XSLT is required; XSLT will transform XML data into a specified format and/or structure.

Standard XML Interface: One-way export of data that does not require XSLT or custom code; data is exported in XML format based upon a defined set of rules and is then made available to other applications

We offer interfaces for all kinds of different solution types, ensuring you’re able to get the most out of the technology that you have invested in.  Some examples of available interfaces include:
  • Call-Taker Assistant applications (911 Adviser, ProQA, CACH etc.)
  • Law/Fire/EMS Records Management applications
  • Fire Station Alerting (CADVoice, Mach Alert, etc.)
  • Body cameras (Body Worn, Axon, etc.)
  • Mapping/GIS Applications (WTH, Pictometry, etc.)
  • …and many more

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