Disconnected Operations Set Us Part

InterAct Computer Aided Dispatch delivers a configurable workflow for distributed multi-agency and multi-discipline incident response.

Key Features:

  • Dedicated Public Safety GIS Department.
  • Access data from State and Federal CJIS Databases.
  • Location Services identify responders by discipline, determine route-based response times, and pin-point hazards based on incident proximity.
  • Automatic messaging keeps dispatchers, commanders, responders and external users informed as incident status changes.
  • Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) allows for new connections to a variety of services and applications.

Disconnected Operations

  • A unique feature in Caliber CAD that allows CAD users to continue handling incidents in the event they become disconnected from the main CAD server. 
  • CAD users can still create calls, assign and track units, add vehicles, and add comments to calls from local workstations.
  • When connectivity is restored, the workstations and server synchronize automatically.
  • There’s nothing special you need to do, and no CAD catch-up is required.
  • Provides community with the best response times possible.

Actionable Data

  • Another Caliber innovation is that we make your data work for you!
  • With our parsed NCIC state data, we return ALL queries in the same, consistent, easy to read format. 
  • This includes persons, vehicles, articles, and guns.
  • A better method other than searching through pages of information.
  • All data is in the same place, every time, regardless of State return.
  • Reduces the time it takes for first responders get the information, thereby increasing officer safety. 

Dedicated GIS Department

  • Let us map out your details
  • Full spectrum dedicated GIS department
  • With accurate maps, you have real-time unit availability
  • Turn by turn directions leads to quicker response times
  • Need better map data (addresses, layers, etc.)
  • Better AVL

* Security and Availability Policy