When the Howard County Sheriffs Department in Indiana lost one of its own in March 2016, the outpouring of support from the public safety community was swift. Hundreds of law enforcement personnel from the state and around the country made arrangements to pay their respects. John Jokantas, Communications Director for Hancock County 911 Center, a nearby county and fellow Caliber Public Safety client, immediately sent an email to Director Gary Bates of Howard County 911 Center offering to cover operations with volunteers from Hancock so telecommunicators could attend the funeral and procession for their fallen comrade.


Ten dispatchers from Hancock Co. jumped in and split two shifts over the course of the day. Many other local counties also offered any type of assistance that was needed. Since both Hancock and Howard County use Caliber’s CAD products, working through the day’s events was seamless — the excitement for the day came when an armed robbery occurred at the local bank, with the subject ultimately being apprehended.


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