[Covington County, MS] – March 6, 2024 – Caliber Public Safety, a leading provider of public safety software solutions, today announced the successful completion of a comprehensive software implementation at the Covington County Sheriff’s Office in Mississippi.


This project marks a significant milestone for both Caliber and the Covington County Sheriff’s Office, as it represents:

  • Full suite implementation: The Sheriff’s Office has adopted Caliber’s suite of products, including JailTracker (implemented in December 2023), Online RMS (implemented a week later in December 2023), and finally, CAD NG, which went live last week.
  • Seamless user adoption: Several Sheriff’s Office employees previously used Caliber’s Online RMS at other agencies within the region. Their familiarity with the system is proving invaluable in assisting colleagues and streamlining the transition process.
  • Leadership commitment: Sheriff Darrell Perkins and Chief Deputy Ricky Lott were instrumental in championing this project, recognizing the immediate benefits of Caliber’s solutions, including enhanced data sharing with neighboring agencies and user-friendly data entry in Online RMS.
  • Pioneering hosted CAD NG: This implementation marks the first time Caliber’s hosted CAD NG solution has been deployed in Mississippi, offering the Sheriff’s Office the flexibility and scalability associated with a cloud-based system.


Brennon Chancellor, Emergency Management Director, had this to say: “Ensuring seamless communication and collaboration across agencies during emergencies is critical. Caliber Public Safety’s Suite, particularly the hosted CAD NG, is a game-changer in this regard, fostering real-time information sharing and coordinated response efforts.”


We are thrilled to partner with the Covington County Sheriff’s Office in their journey to modernize their technology infrastructure,” said Lee Stancill, Project Manager at Caliber Public Safety. “This comprehensive implementation will empower their first responders to be more efficient, improve data sharing capabilities, and ultimately, enhance service delivery to the community.


To celebrate this successful partnership and the positive impact of Caliber’s solutions, a ribbon-cutting ceremony was held at the Covington County Sheriff’s Office. This event serves as an opportunity for both Caliber and the Sheriff’s Office to showcase the new technology and how it will benefit the citizens of Covington County.


About Caliber Public Safety

With a history of partnership with over 1,000 public safety agencies across North America, Caliber Public Safety has established itself as a key ally. The company’s dedication goes beyond technology; it’s about empowering the heroes working tirelessly to ensure community safety.

Having 40% of its team with public safety backgrounds, Caliber brings firsthand knowledge to its development of intuitive and reliable solutions, enhancing data-sharing and interoperability.

Caliber’s offerings, including Computer-Aided Dispatch, Mobile, Records Management, and Offender Management systems, are designed to:

  • Enhance response times and decision-making, saving lives through streamlined workflows and real-time data access.
  • Increase operational efficiency and reduce costs, allowing agencies to prioritize community protection.
  • Foster collaboration and communication across different agencies and jurisdictions with data-driven insights and interoperable systems.

As a subsidiary of Harris Computer Systems, Caliber Public Safety promises lifelong support for its maintenance-paying customers through its Software for Life initiative, ensuring agencies can look forward to a stable and confident future.

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