Hear how Easton PD’s transition from Microsoft Word to Online RMS has helped them save time and resources and how the data sharing capabilities have improved their ability to quickly identify suspects and keep their community safer.

Jasper Police Department in Indiana explains how the Caliber solutions have helped them eliminate silos, spend less time writing reports, and more time connecting with their community on patrol.

The Integrated Public Safety Commission in Indiana explains how Caliber’s data-sharing network InterDEx® allows you to collaborate and share information with agencies across state lines and empowers first responders with critical information at the point of enforcement to improve Officer safety.

Kentucky State Police shares their experience with the Caliber Support team. “Caliber has been very responsive and able to resolve all of the issues we have had in an expeditious manner.”

Indiana State Police highlights how our relentless commitment to building and maintaining strong customer relationships and our dedication to quickly resolving customers issues provides a solid foundation for enduring partnerships.


“Caliber Public Safety has a portfolio of applications that meet and or exceed industry standards. Working with Caliber and its staff, they’re not only professional but always responsive to our needs.”

Captain David Baisden, Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office, OK

“Lawrence County has been a Caliber customer for 23 years and counting and we decided to stay with Caliber when we migrated to CAD NG in 2018 not only for the features that it brought but for the best customer service and support!”

Marty Crum, Lawrence County Emergency Communications District, TN

“We’ve been with Caliber for 17 years and we love it! The amount of automation available has made our jobs a lot easier, and everyone enjoys how easy CAD NG is to use.”

Jonnine Fisher, Harrison County Sheriff's Office, MS

“Caliber Public Safety is a great product. It allows us to share information with other agencies who also utilize the system. The staff is always there when I need them and always corrects any issues we have. Always very friendly.”

Captain Mary Potter, St. Josephs County Police, IN


Caliber CAD NG Case Study

Caliber FirstAlert Case Study

Community Reporting Case Study

Caliber FirstAlert Case Study