Decatur County Sheriff’s Office, Leon, Iowa
We are pleased to announce that on 9/25/15 the Decatur County Sheriff’s Office joined the Caliber Public Safety Team! The Decatur County Sheriff’s Office provides services countywide and is prepared for a successful installation of the complete suite of TAC.10 .NET browser-based applications. With our fully integrated database and our extensive data sharing capabilities, we are confident that TAC.10 will be a great fit for the Decatur County Sheriff’s Office.
All components in this true data sharing solution (CAD, RMS, JMS, and Civil Processing) use a single database and common Master Indices for Person, Business, Location and Vehicle, so users can create or search and edit names, businesses and vehicles entered from any application.

  • Decatur County is converting from a legacy system that has served them well but no longer has the capabilities or technology available in their new TAC.10 system.
  • TAC.10 is able to retain important criminal information from the legacy system and expand on that information moving forward.
  • Two police departments in the county are joining the initiative to share important information with the Sheriff’s Office due to the installation of TAC.10.