Juvenile Detention — Chief or Administrator/Deputy Chief

We understand that your leadership role within a Juvenile Detention facility brings unique challenges such as ensuring strict data confidentiality and managing a population with distinctive needs. The amount of time you currently spend on manual processes and paperwork diminishes your ability to envision a time where you could train staff on a new system. Caliber Justice provides intuitive Offender Management Systems that require minimal training to gain a full understanding of the solution. Let us show you how our technology provides enhanced data security, agency-defined workflows, and scheduling/tracking for education plans that enable you to improve operational efficiency and save time and money. To learn more about our full suite of product offerings, click on the links below or contact us for more information.

Probation—Chief/Deputy Chief of Probation

As a leader of your Probation Center, you struggle with software that is insufficient to support your daily case management, institution management, and administrative and department-wide document management requirements. Caliber Justice provides solutions that improve your workflow with features like automated court date notifications and document imaging. To learn more about how our solutions enable you to manage your staff and facility efficiently and effectively, click on the links below or contact us for more information.