WINSTON-SALEM, NC – August 2, 2023 – Caliber Public Safety, a trailblazer in the realm of public safety software, is pleased to announce its involvement in the upcoming 2023 National APCO Conference. This event is scheduled for August 6-9, 2023, at the bustling Music City Center located in the heart of Nashville, Tennessee.

The spotlight of Caliber’s display will be the remarkable capabilities of its signature solution, CAD NG. This innovative software is tailored to help Emergency Telecommunicators effectively manage calls for service and streamline field resource management. With CAD NG, users get access to revolutionary functionalities that ensure uninterrupted and efficient operations – whether implemented on-premise or securely hosted via Caliber Cloud, powered by NLETS.

A unique and notable feature of CAD NG is the seamless transfer of CAD incidents to other agencies using Caliber CAD. This process ensures full communication of all data acquired during the call handling process, effectively reducing the risk of missed information. Furthermore, this collaborative functionality enables multiple agencies to collectively oversee an incident. As the incident evolves and more information is added, all participating agencies are automatically updated, fostering a common operational picture and heightened situational awareness.

Tammie Wojcieszak Ph.D., Executive Vice President of Caliber Public Safety, recognizes the groundbreaking impact of CAD-to-CAD incident data sharing. “The advent of CAD-to-CAD incident data sharing represents a game-changing development in the sphere of public safety. By enabling a smooth integration of computer-aided dispatch systems across different agencies, we are equipping emergency services personnel with real-time information and promoting efficient collaboration. This amplified situational awareness and robust data sharing undeniably result in quicker response times, more precise decision-making, and most importantly, increased life-saving outcomes.”

With its relentless pursuit of innovation and setting fresh paradigms in public safety, Caliber remains devoted to its mission of offering state-of-the-art solutions that bolster emergency services and safeguard citizen lives. Get a glimpse of the future of public safety software by visiting Caliber Public Safety at Booth #1625. Caliber representatives will be available to delve into the numerous advantages and applications of the CAD NG product suite.


About APCO

The APCO Conference is an annual event organized by the Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials (APCO) International, the world’s oldest and largest organization of public safety communications professionals. The APCO Conference attracts thousands of attendees and exhibitors from around the globe, offering unparalleled opportunities for learning, networking, and exploring the latest in public safety technology and innovation.


About Caliber Public Safety

Caliber Public Safety provides Computer-Aided Dispatch, Mobile, Records Management, and Forensic Science related solutions to 1,000+ Public Safety agencies across North America. Our customers include Federal & State Police Agencies, County Governments, Large Metropolitan, and Mid-small cities. We pride ourselves on providing solutions with data-sharing and interoperability at the core of our products. Approximately 40% of our team comes from Public Safety, that is why we share the same passion our customers do. We believe the best way to move our business forward is by taking care of our customers and employees – earning the right to win new business. As a business of Harris Computer Systems, our customers enjoy Software for Life providing assurance we will never sunset a product in use by a maintenance-paying customer. We are in the business of forever.