ASCLD Symposium

The forensic science profession relies on the input of various stakeholders across the justice system. With all that input, invariably there will be change. Change is not only necessary but something that the forensic science profession is very familiar with. Whether it is adapting to a global pandemic, navigating new technology, engaging in the development of new standards, or collaborating across groups, the forensic science profession is every changing. With this we see that while we adopt change internally at each of our laboratories, we sometimes need to recognize that as a community we should be actively engaged in the dialogue that guides the overarching trajectory of this transformative field. In recent years it has become apparent that forensic science laboratories need to collectively use our voice to educate stakeholders on the dynamic nature of our work. This will allow us to be more adept at strategically guiding change rather than be swept up in it. Let us use ASCLD  2022 to face these challenges, learn from each other, and take these lessons home to our laboratories. We will be offering inspiring speakers and workshops and we want you to join us in this opportunity!


Apr 24 - 28 2022


Peppermill Resort
Reno, Nevada