Caliber Public Safety has grown through the acquisition of multiple regional flagship products. The full line of software solutions deliver the critical edge to frontline responders when seconds count.

Harris is committed to supporting legacy products for as long as our clients rely on them. To help protect the investment agencies have already made in their law enforcement software, Harris stands by a “Software for Life” policy. All customers, who maintain a current maintenance agreement, receive the benefit of substantially reduced costs when upgrading or replacing their current system with any of the next generation software available within the Caliber Public Safety family of products.

Family of Products

InterAct CAD

InterAct Computer Aided Dispatch delivers a configurable workflow for distributed multi-agency and multi-discipline (law, fire, EMS) incident response

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InterAct RMS

InterAct Records Management System provides unsurpassed data sharing, deploys quickly, interfaces easily, upgrades effortlessly, and is exceptionally easy to use for law, fire, or EMS.

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A Records Management System that is configurable to each agency’s individual needs and allows for easy data extraction, filtering and sharing. Built on Microsoft’s .NET platform, TAC.10’s Records Management System harnesses the latest technology, giving you the power to control and tune the software to meet your agency’s workflow processes, protocol and procedures.

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InterAct Mobile

InterAct Mobile applications deliver critical communications, actionable data, and situational awareness for tactical decision making and responder safety.

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InterAct PocketCop

InterAct PocketCop gives law enforcement agencies the critical information they need to protect the community and increase tactical awareness with access to NCIC, motor vehicle, and other databases on inexpensive smartphones – anytime, anywhere.

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JailTracker puts every aspect of offender and facility management online, from booking to GAAP-compliant accounting.

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TAC.10’s Jail.Net is a web-based application framework for correctional facilities, jails, and prisons that was designed from the ground up utilizing our WebOne platform. This module can stand alone or as part of an integrated suite of Law Enforcement applications such as RMS, CAD, Evidence, Investigations, Civil, and others.

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State Repository

Our State Repository solution integrates seamlessly into the state’s infrastructure and is configurable to meet each unique data requirement. Agencies can enter data via multiple methods: batch uploads from a RMS solution, individual incident entry from any computer with a web browser, or from other mass storage devices.​

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Tac10 CAD

TAC.10’s Computer Aided Dispatch is fast, flexible, and responsive, providing a vital link between dispatch and responders.

Sleuth CAD

SleuthDISPATCH truly operates as command central. This dispatch solution makes tracking your calls, units, and officers stress-free.


Computer Aided Dispatching by MDS offers flexible querying, searchable dispatch information, Alert/BOLO tracking and more.

Cisco (CAD)

Cisco E-CAD (enhanced computer aided dispatch) supports the complaint-taking and dispatching functions of a public safety agency.

Global Dispatch (CAD)

Global Dispatch is a configurable, easy-to-use Computer Aided Dispatch system with built-in GIS technology.

TAC.10 Jail

TAC.10’s JMS allows corrections facilities to access inmate information quickly and easily, improving safety and security.

MDS jailTrack

MDS jailTrack is a jail booking system that tracks inmates from booking to release.

Global Records

Global Records is a complete, user-friendly, cost-effective multi-agency Records Management System with a built-in JMS.

Global Justice

Global Justice is a high-end records management system designed exclusively for large law enforcement agencies.


Sleuth’s FSG/LEMS is a set of software applications that service the Records Management needs of a City Police or County Sheriff’s Department.

Cisco (Jail)

Cisco JAMS is a jail booking and management system that provides information on incarcerated adults and juveniles.

Tac10 Mobile

TAC.10’s Mobile gives officers secure access to mission-critical information in real-time, improving officer and public safety.

Global Frontline

Global Frontline takes advantage of the latest wireless networks and mobile devices, increasing public safety and security.

Sleuth Mobile

SleuthMOBILE offers state-of-the-art capabilities on your mobile terminal. Automated tools improve processing efficiency.

VisionTek Mobile

The FrontLine Mobile Reporting System from VisionTek provides law enforcement agencies with a tool to create their own custom reports, for both handheld devices and mobile data computers.

Global JMS

Global JMS is an integrated jail management system designed to be used in conjunction with our Global Records and Global Justice RMS solutions.


Records Management by MDS includes accident/incident reporting, arrest and booking, arrest/search warrants, court, and in-car reporting.

Sleuth RMS

SleuthRECORDS is designed to be more than just a database. It is a powerful and flexible information management system.

Cisco RMS

Cisco CAPS is a law enforcement record-keeping system with both UCR and IBR reporting capability.


CISCO FIRES is a data management system for Fire and Rescue Agencies. FIRES captures and submits fully compliant NFIRS 5.0 records and can interface with most CAD systems.

Cisco Judge

CISCO JUDGE is a fully integrated, online Court Management Information System. The JUDGE tracks each case from its inception through final disposition.

TAC.10’s Civil

TAC.10’s Civil provides an easy to use, configurable system to store data, produce civil documents, handle judgment orders, track papers, payments, and much more.


SleuthCOURT, designed specifically for municipal courts, is the only tool you need to keep your court running smoothly and efficiently.