Last year, a public safety software company highlighted the need for first response personnel to be supported by cutting edge technology. “When it comes to emergency response measures, every second counts,” they wrote. “People in trouble rely on first responders to step in and alleviate the situation — whether it’s a medical emergency, fire, or any other dire event. In order for emergency workers to efficiently take care of people, they need a reliable, technical solution they can trust. …Every fire and police station has protocols in place that work well. But what if those procedures could be improved and enhanced by incorporating easy-to-use software? New technology is not meant to replace emergency measures you’re currently using — it is meant to make those practices more efficient and reliable.”

This is the most relevant and salient point in that post. Public safety software supports personnel. It facilitates protocols and procedures while providing necessary information to those who can use it to help those in need. It also facilitates identifying areas of emergency and coordinating the response that gets personnel to those in need (as quickly as possible). The author highlights the Department of Homeland Security’s assertion that “technology is an important aspect of efficiently responding to an emergency and saving lives.” Among the technology highlighted are mobile dispatch software and live tracking. These are among the many products that Caliber Public Safety offers for these very reasons: bringing technology to first responders in a way that will help save lives.

Caliber’s Online RMS is one such example, providing accurate, actionable information when it counts. Highly secure cloud technology allows Online RMS, which is Caliber’s records management system, to get the right information into the hands of front-line officers at the right time. The web-based RMS deploys quickly and delivers unrivaled data-sharing and instant compliance with State and Federal NIBRS. Over eleven thousand public safety and private security personnel count on the information provided by Online RMS, which allows them to save time while better serving their communities.

Technology, however, is not a magic wand. Too many people who should know better tend to say, reflexively, “Upgrade the technology” when a problem presents itself. Caliber takes a much more applied approach to solving problems and providing first responders with the information and software/communications infrastructure they need. To be useful, a software solution needs to provide information that is required when and to whom it is needed, reducing response times while increasing contextual information made available to the responders.

Online RMS is just one such software application that can help do that. The result is lower response times and, hopefully, more lives saved. That is always the goal of first response, after all, and the goal that public safety software exists to serve. Caliber is proud to be part of that solution and looks forward to yet another year of service to the public safety community.