Forensic Advantage® is a full-featured Laboratory Information Management System

that offers the flexibility of delivery via the web or on premise deployments. The application is developed by forensic experts specifically for laboratories of all sizes. The system is implemented quickly with high quality by teams of domain experts that truly understand the unique needs of forensic labs. These resources have performed crime laboratory casework, have extensive quality department experience, and are trained and have audited against ISO 17025 standards, which translates into unparalleled service and support.

Forensic Advantage® is a COTS product that was designed and developed to address the unique case and evidence management requirements of local, state and federal forensic laboratories, law enforcement agencies, medical examiners and digital forensic labs.  In order to maximize the value, flexibility and scalability of the solution, Forensic Advantage® was designed as a “COTS product built with COTS components”.