Forensic Advantage® is a full-featured Laboratory Information Management System

that offers the flexibility of delivery via the web or on premise deployments. The application is developed by forensic experts specifically for laboratories of all sizes. The system is implemented quickly with high quality by teams of domain experts that truly understand the unique needs of forensic labs. These resources have performed crime laboratory casework, have extensive quality department experience, and are trained and have audited against ISO 17025 standards, which translates into unparalleled service and support.

Forensic Advantage® is a COTS product that was designed and developed to address the unique case and evidence management requirements of local, state and federal forensic laboratories, law enforcement agencies, medical examiners and digital forensic labs.  In order to maximize the value, flexibility and scalability of the solution, Forensic Advantage® was designed as a “COTS product built with COTS components”.

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Forensic Advantage® Crime Lab Edition optimizes how forensic laboratories are managed and operated. Lab-centric, easy-to-use software built and backed by domain experts who understand forensic needs.


  • Pre-log speeds the submission of evidence and distribution of reports via the Internet. Users submit evidence forms before their arrival and agencies, view the status of their requests and download reports.
  • Evidence tracks property from collection through disposition. Utilizing barcodes and password protected access, the system ensures a true chain of custody by requiring legitimate two-sided transfers. Hierarchical evidence is supported, including derivative items, sub-items, containers, batches and lockbox transfers.
  • Case Processing manages caseloads and provides supervisors the ability to assign and review assigned casework while examiners utilize features that automate the collection of exam results and the production of case-related documentation. Configurable system reports facilitate informed decisions regarding staffing as well as budget considerations.  Designed to address the unique case and evidence management requirements of local, state and federal forensic laboratories, law enforcement agencies, the product ensures accountability for evidence chain of custody, collects and associates scientific analysis for evidence submitted, provides query and statistical reporting, facilitates inter-lab connectivity and generates documentation for use in court proceedings. The COTS architecture is configured to address various business processes and requirements. Customer-requested customizations are addressed by changing underlying templates and/or business rules as opposed to application code.
  • Resource Manager enables users to manage the location, status and disposition of items such as instruments, firearms, reference materials, safety equipment, chemical reagents and exam kits. It is configured to ensure that lab instrumentation and chemical reagents meet or exceed SOPs.
  • Testimony tracks subpoenas for expert testimony, leveraging Outlook to ensure that requested appearances are added to an examiners’ schedule. The appearance, time, travel and expense information is collected to facilitate detailed reporting.

Forensic Advantage® Medical Examiner Edition is an easy to use solution that optimizes how medical examiner and coroner offices are managed and operated


  • User-friendly tools deliver a clear view of important information such as specimen and property status including a secure chain-of-custody from scene through final disposition.
  • Preliminary, contributory, cause/manner of death, ICD codes, findings and body disposition status.
  • Flexible utilities allow updates of case related status information. Fully customizable system views show the status of every pending task for every case. System flags indicate when a body is allowed to be released to funeral homes, crematory, research facility or university.
  • Simple management of the electronic case such as reserving a case number, collecting investigation information, analysis forms configuration and generating investigation and autopsy findings as well as management reports.
  • Quickly process a body; inventory property, make observations and collect specimens. Allows examiners to incorporate laboratory functions such as organ procurement, X-ray, toxicology lab orders and comprehensive autopsies.
  • Unified communications across internal and external users regarding the investigation status details (i.e. pending, active or closed).
  • Dozens of customized views and over 70 customizable and configurable screens to capture and report critical case data.
  • Easily configure and rapidly deploy with a guaranteed implementation from a world-class professional services organization.

The Forensic Advantage® Breath Alcohol Database application (BrAD) tracks and stores records from multiple types of instruments that measure a subject’s breath alcohol level.

This solution can run in standalone mode or seamlessly integrate with the Forensic Advantage® LIMS platform to help organizations collect and manage test results from their breath alcohol testing devices.  BrAD also tracks related information, including maintenance history and certifications for instruments and operators. BrAD handles subpoena duces tecum requests for all collected information, rendering responses in Adobe® PDF for return to attorneys and courts via e-mail, fax, or certified mail.


  • Enhances integrity of data collection and management.
  • Increases productivity with automated response system to speed activities of both prosecution and defense.
  • Tracks instruments, components, maintenance, training and statistics to provide a comprehensive view of the unique breath alcohol activities for each laboratory.
  • Subpoena billing features enable laboratories to track payments for billable subpoena responses and manage the billing information for subpoenas. The lab can view reports summarizing billing by law office or attorney.


  • Operator Class History
  • Computer Generated Log
  • Instrument Location History
  • Instrument Diagnostic Log
  • Instrument Calibration Log
  • Instrument Certificate Of Accuracy
  • Instrument Maintenance Log
  • Monthly Maintenance Report
  • Subject Test Information
  • Trouble Call Log
  • Verify Operator’s License

Forensic Advantage® Systems has created a unique and powerful application to improve Sexual Assault Kit (SAK) processing requirements and enable victims to monitor status updates.

Sexual Assault Kits (SAK) are receiving an increased level of attention.  Legislative demands and victim advocacy continue to raise the need for transparency and faster kit processing.  The current manual methods and disparate databases used to track the kits across contributing agencies is costly, time-consuming, and error prone.

The SAK Tracking System helps your lab meet performance and accountability expectations through an intuitive software package that supports customer-specific workflows and acts as the hub of your processing methodology.  As a result, your lab will experience accelerated kit processing, decreased costs, reduced backlogs, increased productivity, reduced errors, improved data quality and faster time to justice!


  • Track actions taken by collection sites, storage facilities, law enforcement, and laboratories
  • Provide reporting including SAK statistics and analysis
  • Track kit statuses (in process or completed)
  • Track transfers between agencies
  • Provide user-specific workflows
  • Track number of kits submitted
  • Provide audit trail
  • Deploy on premises or in the cloud
  • Provide secure access for victims to monitor SAK status
  • Stand-alone or integrate with Forensic Advantage ® LIMS for additional process automation
  • Provide enterprise system with mobile accessibility
  • Track which kits were sent to each agency
  • Track number of kits supplied vs number of kits submitted
  • Track expiration and/or date of destruction for each kit
  • Track inventory of kits that have been used
  • Flag “reasonableness” of kit requests (i.e. ten requested but only one used in the previous year)
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