The Gladwin County Sheriff’s Office has a long-standing reputation for prioritizing public safety, and their commitment continues to evolve through the strategic adoption of cutting-edge technology. They’ve not only successfully migrated to Caliber’s next-generation CAD NG system, but they’ve also taken the next step by fully implementing Caliber Mobile, equipping their officers with powerful tools in the field.

A Legacy of Partnership:

Since 2005, the Sheriff’s Office has relied on Caliber Public Safety’s solutions, and their transition to CAD NG marks a new chapter in their partnership. This advanced system boasts a modern user interface, lightning-fast data processing, and real-time communication features, empowering officers to make informed decisions on the spot.

Beyond the Desktop:

But the Sheriff’s Office isn’t stopping there. The already implemented Caliber Mobile signifies their forward-thinking approach. This mobile solution streamlines operations for 911 staff and expedites information sharing with patrol officers, ultimately leading to quicker response times and improved outcomes.

Key Benefits:

This technological leap delivers numerous advantages:

  • Enhanced Safety: Features like RapidSOS and potential future additions like Texty aim to elevate safety standards for both the community and officers.
  • User-Centric Design: CAD NG’s intuitive interface simplifies complex tasks and boosts operational efficiency for deputies.
  • Seamless Integration: Smooth integration with existing Caliber systems ensures a streamlined flow of data, eliminating redundancy and maximizing effectiveness.

Tammie Wojcieszak Ph.D., Executive Vice President of Caliber Public Safety, applauds the Sheriff’s Office’s vision: “Their commitment to incorporating advanced tools like CAD NG and Mobile showcases their dedication to creating a safer community. We’re thankful for the opportunity to support their journey.”

The Gladwin County Sheriff’s Office serves as an example of how embracing technology can revolutionize public safety. By adopting Caliber’s comprehensive solutions, they’re ensuring a brighter, safer future for their community.

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