With NG911, a call won’t even get to a PSAP until it has been touched in some way by GIS. With the increasing priority on data quality and new standards for GIS data, our team wanted to share some practical tips and tricks to help you on your journey.

GIS Tips and Tricks

Did you know that compressing (zipping) map files in a .zip file over 2 gigs can corrupt the files? If you must compress large files, use a tool like WinRar.  WinRar allows you to break your file up into multiple zip files allowing you to ensure each file is under 2 gigs.


Creating a Tile Package overnight or over the weekend? Check to make sure that your computer power/sleep settings are set to “Never” go to sleep.



Having issues with intersections plotting and/or routing? Look at your road centerline network. Make sure that roads are broken and snapped at every intersection.



Debating whether you should ignore that pesky pop up window? Don’t! Please make sure that you ALWAYS (and we mean ALWAYS) close the Prepare Warnings window before you share a Map or Tile package… Not doing so in the latest versions of ArcGIS can ‘cut off’ your tile image!



One last question – Are you prepared for the new NG911 NENA Standards?

The NG911 standards introduce several new layers, formats and field requirements, like making sure your map layers include a PSAP Boundary layer and an Authoritative Boundary layer to name a few.

Many states have implemented processes and standards to help ensure that agencies within a given state conform to data quality requirements so if your unsure, check with your local authorities.  Additionally NENA has a wealth of information available to support you here: NG911 GIS Data Model

As your partner, Caliber is here and ready to assist you as you prepare to face these changes.  Whether you need to provide additional training for your staff so they are better equipped to maintain your GIS data, or you want us to get your map data “up to snuff”, give us a call or work with your Caliber CSM to see what our expert team can do for you!