Harvey County, Kansas made the decision to migrate from the Global Dispatch 911 to a next generation dispatch system to improve the safety of their first responders and the community. Don Gruver, the 911 Director at Harvey, selected CAD NG for its ability to handle disconnected operations, parse NCIC returns, and to have the ability to have multiple incidents open for a dispatcher.
Harvey County has successfully used the InterAct Mobile 8 system for several years as a front-end to Global Dispatch. As part of the decision to migrate from Global Dispatch to Caliber CAD NG, it simply made sense for Harvey County to upgrade to Mobile 10. Having CAD NG and Mobile 10 will result in a much tighter integration between 911 and the officers in the field. The officers in the patrol cars will feel safer because they will ‘know before they go’ to an incident.
The Caliber team works hard to support all of our existing clients to fill their expanding needs for the public safety of their communities. To help protect the investment agencies have already made in their law enforcement software, we stand behind a “Software for Life” policy. All clients, who maintain a current maintenance agreement, receive the benefit of substantially reduced costs when upgrading or replacing their current system with any of the next generation software available within the Caliber Public Safety family of products.
Caliber’s Software for Life policy helped make the migrations affordable for Harvey County.