Honolulu HI Police Department has been using Caliber’s Mobile product since 1999. The continued success of the Mobile has lead them to order 80 more Mobiles to add to their count, allowing more officers to have actionable data at the point of enforcement.
Caliber understands the importance of being armed with the most current data before taking action. Our Mobile solution provides a common platform for all disciplines, placing real-time incident data into the users’ hands via smartphones, tablets and other devices. The powerful software is built for immediate CIS data query returns, meaning that actionable, parsed information from hundreds of agencies and resources is available to empower the user at the point of contact. And, due to built-in advanced capabilities, Caliber Mobile keeps working on the data query behind the scenes, automatically generating a secondary query that brings even more pertinent data to the decision-making process for the first responder.
Caliber Mobile also features access to InterDEx, a unique data-sharing network that provides advanced search reach, far beyond your local jurisdiction — imagine having immediate access to local, regional, state and even national offender data to assist with incident management and crime solving.