The Howard County IN Coroner’s Office in Kokomo, Indiana added Caliber Online RMS licenses.  This will enable the Coroner to share data with the Howard County Sheriff’s Department, allow for more efficient access to data and reporting, and aid in the investigations.
According to Coroner Dr. Steven J. Seele, “When multiple agencies are involved in an investigation, communication is the backbone of obtaining results. With the Howard County Coroner’s Office acquiring the use of Caliber’s RMS program, it will advance this communication within our County by being able to instantly share information concerning a case to all agencies involved without having to constantly copy and fax reports. Also, it will reduce the paperwork and increase efficiency for the Howard County Coroner’s Office.”
Key Features of Online RMS Include:
Smart Search
• Keyword Search Incidents, including Narratives
• Instant Access to Shared Data in Your State
• Connect Information for Better Outcomes
Incident Wizard
• Data Entry Made Easy to Improve Quality
• Instant NIBRS Compliance at Point of Entry
• Data Entry Workflow Adapts to Crime Type
InterDEx | CIS
• One and Done Searching
• 24×7 Access to 300+ Nationwide Data Sources
• Find “A Needle in a Haystack” Improves Outcomes