The Integrated Public Safety Commission (IPSC) located in Indianapolis, Indiana recently added Online RMS licenses.  This will allow IPSC to share data and allow for more efficient access to data and reporting.
Kelly Dignin, IPSC Data Operations Director, stated in part, “With InterDEx, your agency will participate in what I believe to be the largest nationwide public safety data sharing platform.  The Caliber solution allows first responders to search data conveniently from any location using any device (anytime-anywhere); they see results in milliseconds, not hours, days or weeks.  They can also easily reach out to others who may have had previous contact with individuals they have detained by using secure chat. In addition to sharing data with other public safety agencies across the country, Caliber is also making it possible to share data with the community we serve, through Safetown. I hope you will consider joining our network and I look forward to sharing data with your agency for years to come.”
Benefits of Caliber’s Online RMS:
• Deploys quickly, providing unsurpassed data sharing and instant compliance to Federal NIBRS requirements.
• Effortless upgrades means your public safety personnel always have the latest and greatest software at their fingertips.
Key Features Include:
Smart Search
• Keyword Search Incidents, including Narratives
• Instant Access to Shared Data in Your State
• Connect Information for Better Outcomes
Incident Wizard
• Data Entry Made Easy to Improve Quality
• Instant NIBRS Compliance at Point of Entry
• Data Entry Workflow Adapts to Crime Type
InterDEx | CIS
• One and Done Searching
• 24×7 Access to 300+ Nationwide Data Sources
• Find “A Needle in a Haystack” Improves Outcomes