INDIANAPOLIS, IN, February 16, 2023 – A tragic milestone in the last few years is the continued increase in active shooter and other critical incidents within our communities. To address this ongoing danger, the Integrated Public Safety Commission (IPSC) is taking unprecedented steps to improve the emergency response at 17 schools and organizations across the State of Indiana. 

“The single most important capability a school must have when confronted by unspeakable tragedy is the ability to instantly alert others and communicate vital information to first responders,” said Kelly Dignin, IPSC Executive Director.  FirstAlert will allow schools to share information in real time as events unfold – technology that can save lives when every second counts.” 

FirstAlert not only alerts people on the affected campuses and within specific buildings, but disseminates alerts automatically, feeding incident and sender information directly to the agency’s Caliber Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD) and Mobile software. “This streamlines communication and has the potential to reduce response times by as much as 50% for critical incidents.”, says Darin Dillard, Vice President of Research and Development at Caliber.   

Under this new initiative, FirstAlert will be deployed to authorized staff and employees, as well as be incorporated into emergency response procedures and plans at the 17 selected sites.  “I believe that through our partnership with IPSC, and this new initiative, we are advancing our mission to keep organizations safer across the State of Indiana.”, said Tammie Wojcieszak, Executive Vice President at Caliber. 

With the FirstAlert solution in place, school staff, administrators, and other authorized users may request emergency services immediately from any iOS or Android device using the mobile application. Upon activation, a Call for Service is created in the county’s Caliber CAD system, automatically populated with incident and sender information. This facilitates rapid response and also provides critical information if and when calling 911 directly may not be an option. 

 For any critical event, FirstAlert represents a substantial improvement in how emergencies are identified and addressed. 

About IPSC – The Integrated Public Safety Commission is a state agency.  IPSC provides communication systems, services, and support for Indiana’s dedicated public safety responders who risk their lives to keep Hoosiers safe on a day-to-day basis and during emergencies. 

About Caliber – Caliber Public Safety provides Computer-Aided Dispatch, Mobile, Records Management, and Forensic Science related solutions to 1,000+ Public Safety agencies across North America. Our customers include Federal & State Police Agencies, County Governments, Large Metropolitan, and Mid-small cities. We pride ourselves on providing solutions with data-sharing and interoperability at the core of our products. Approximately 40% of our team comes from Public Safety, that is why we share the same passion our customers do. We believe the best way to move our business forward is by taking care of our customers and employees – earning the right to win new business. As a business of Harris Computer Systems, our customers enjoy Software for Life providing assurance we will never sunset a product in use by a maintenance-paying customer. We are in the business of forever.