We are excited to announce that the Jones County Sheriff’s Office in Laurel, Mississippi has recently purchased Caliber’s RMS, Mobile, and JailTracker solutions. Currently, 911 Call Handling and Computer Aided Dispatching services are provided to the Sheriff’s Office by the Jones County Emergency Operations Center, which utilizes Caliber’s CAD software.
The Jones County Sheriff’s Office employs sworn law enforcement deputies serving on five squads, corrections officers, civilian administrative staff, and includes a squad of reserve deputies. With a population of 68,641, Jones County spans 701 square miles with over 1,000 miles of rural roadway. In addition to law enforcement response in Jones County, the Sheriff’s Office also operates the Jones County Adult Detention Facility and Jones County Juvenile Detention Facility. The agency will greatly benefit from the full data integration of our CAD, Mobile, Records Management, and Jail Management solutions which will enable dispatchers, responders and commanders to collaborate in real-time, across agency, discipline, and location boundaries.
The Sheriff’s Office will also benefit from InterDEx, Caliber’s unique data sharing network. InterDEx provides immediate access to local, regional, state and even national offender data to assist with incident management and crime solving. InterDEx is made even more powerful with the SmartSearch utility that provides access to all critical areas of incident reports, allowing investigators to find the needle in the haystack, wherever that haystack may be.
The job is challenging; your software should not be. Our solutions will work effortlessly to provide the Jones County Sheriff’s Office with the infrastructure services they can depend on. Caliber Public Safety is committed to providing the highest caliber of public safety software solutions, service and support to the Jones County Sheriff’s Office and the citizens they serve and protect.