Kalkaska Police Department in Kalkaska, MI has decided to take advantage of a migration program to move to the Talon Incident Management System (TIMS). The TIMS software conforms to the new MICR XML standards being required by the Michigan State Police starting in January 2018, so they will be ready for that new change. It will also be hosted by Caliber so the agency will not need to purchase their own server hardware.
TIMS has a reputation for being easy to use and learn without spending hours in training classes. Officers can quickly complete their reports and get back to serving the public. TIMS is used by over 100 agencies in Michigan, most of them being smaller in size such as Kalkaska who has 4 sworn officers.
Caliber Public Safety (Caliber), a leading public safety software provider in the United States, announced the acquisition of Core Technology Corporation (Core Technology) on March 2, 2017. The acquisition of their public safety software solutions will enhance Caliber’s existing product line and expand its reach in the market. TIMS, a product of Core Technology, and is now marketed and sold under the Caliber family of products.