Lamar County, MS – Lamar County Sheriff’s Office is taking a significant leap forward in ensuring public
safety and streamlining its law enforcement operations. The Sheriff’s Office has chosen to deploy
Caliber’s Online RMS, a cloud-based records management system trusted by over 12,000 public safety
and private security personnel across the nation.

In the face of evolving public safety requirements, the move towards this high-powered, NIBRS-compliant software signals Lamar County’s commitment to efficient, effective law enforcement, and
community safety.

“The deployment of Online RMS underscores our commitment to leverage cutting-edge technology for
enhancing public safety. The integration with our existing Caliber systems will dramatically improve
efficiency and data management,” said Danny Rigel, Lamar County Sheriff.

With Online RMS, Lamar County Sheriff’s Office will enhance data sharing capabilities within the county
and beyond. The system enables region-wide, statewide, and national data sharing, boosting officer
safety by providing real-time, actionable information.

Online RMS is powered through NLETS, the state-of-the-art, CJIS-secure public safety data-sharing
network, currently being used by law enforcement agencies all over the country. Online RMS’s cloud-based architecture offers the benefit of accessing the software anytime, anywhere. This feature
alleviates officers from time-consuming travel back to the office to write reports. It also provides
immediate visibility for supervisors and command staff, enabling rapid response and decision making.

Lamar County Sheriff’s Office is already utilizing Caliber’s CAD NG and JailTracker solutions. With the
introduction of Online RMS, information across these platforms will integrate seamlessly. The need to
retype or duplicate information will be eliminated, boosting efficiency and ensuring data consistency
across all systems.

“The Lamar County Sheriff’s Office proudly joins the ranks of more than 20 prestigious agencies and
1,500 law enforcement professionals in Mississippi that rely on Caliber’s Online RMS daily to meet
Mississippi NIBRS compliance requirements and investigation demands.” Said Tammie Wojcieszak,
Executive Vice President of Caliber Public Safety. “Lamar County has immediate access to an extensive
amount of shared data by joining this dynamic network of online RMS users, which includes more than
300 agencies and over 12,000 users nationwide, enhancing their potential for effective collaboration and
information exchange.”

About Caliber
Caliber Public Safety provides Computer-Aided Dispatch, Mobile, Records Management, and Forensic
Science related solutions to 1,000+ Public Safety agencies across North America. Our customers include
Federal & State Police Agencies, County Governments, Large Metropolitan, and Mid-small cities. We
pride ourselves on providing solutions with data-sharing and interoperability at the core of our products.
Approximately 40% of our team comes from Public Safety, that is why we share the same passion our
customers do. We believe the best way to move our business forward is by taking care of our customers
and employees – earning the right to win new business. As a business of Harris Computer Systems, our
customers enjoy Software for Life providing assurance we will never sunset a product in use by a
maintenance-paying customer. We are in the business of forever