Probation Officers at the LaPorte County, Indiana Sheriff’s Office will now have access to RMS data, thanks to the addition of read-only subscriptions in December. Probation and parole officers are frequently in the field, and the sharing of intelligence is vital to the performance of their duties. BOLO bulletins, law enforcement- and community-directed threats, and other crimes and suspicious activity can be shared throughout the organization for increased awareness.
Caliber’s RMS searching power is multiplied with InterDEx, Caliber Public Safety’s network of hundreds of nationwide data sources, which includes access to other jurisdiction’s police reports, including narratives. Information sharing can be restricted per the originating agency’s directives — local information always remains safe and secure. InterDEx is made even more powerful with the SmartSearch utility that provides access to all critical areas of incident reports, allowing investigators to find the needle in the haystack, wherever that haystack may be.