The Leflore County Sheriff’s Office in Greenwood, MS has recently decided to migrate from CAD Classic to the Caliber CAD NG platform. The Sheriff’s Office is dedicated to providing the best possible law enforcement protection and service to Leflore County with the welfare and protection of the County’s citizens being its first priority. Upgrading to the latest next generation technology will assist the Sheriff’s Office with this mission.
Caliber Public Safety’s interoperability strength lies with Disconnected Operations, a unique Caliber CAD feature that allows dispatchers to keep working despite loss of network connectivity. Caliber’s fault tolerant architecture enables workstations that lose their connection to a central server to continue to not only operate, but also continue to exchange information with others. What does this mean for you and your Dispatchers? It means you never have to revert back to pen and paper; you just keep working with the ability to still create calls, assign and track your units, add vehicles, and add comments to your calls from your local workstation. When connectivity is restored, the workstations and server synchronize automatically. There’s nothing special you need to do and no CAD “catch-up” is required when the server is available again. Additionally, configurations are not tied to a workstation or “position.” Users’ profiles and configurations apply wherever they login, including backup facilities. Workload also can be shared or shifted between two or more teams or locations.
Caliber’s CAD NG software enables dispatchers, responders and commanders to collaborate in real-time, across agency, discipline, and location boundaries. Using configurable workflow options, administrators gain the ability to optimize speed and accuracy, promote best practices and assure compliance with local policies. Our solutions work effortlessly to provide agencies such as Leflore County Sheriff’s Office with the infrastructure services they can depend on.