We are excited to announce that Jones County MS Emergency Operation Center (EOC), located in Laurel, MS, is preparing to work with our Caliber Public Safety GIS Division to provide services for the installation and training for 911 Map data collection and software use.  The Jones County EOC 911 Addressing Division is responsible for maintaining addresses of properties, maintaining the road inventory, providing information for mapping updates, processing information with the telephone companies, post office, emergency services and other government offices, and the continued public education of the 911 system. Without the information generated from all these sources, the E911 computer system would not have the necessary data to operate efficiently and ensure the fastest response to the citizens and visitors of the county in times of emergency. We are confident that the training provided by our Caliber Public Safety GIS Team will provide the Jones County EOC 911 Addressing Division with the ability to achieve their mission to directly contribute to the safety and well-being of first responders and the county’s residents and visitors by providing accurate, dependable 911 location information.