Caliber Mobile 10

Know Before You Go

Mobile 10 operates on Windows-based devices in order to deliver critical communications to vehicles out in the field.  The right information, to the right users – right at the point of enforcement.


  • Access Active Incidents with real-time updates and the ability to add additional details from the road
  • Query multiple CJIS sources at once including NCIC, Matching Recent Inquiries from other users, and any additional sources you interface with
  • Utilize the same robust Map package being used in Dispatch to display and route to incidents and other users
  • Customize your dashboard to display the information and quick buttons you need most


Vital Information From Your Smartphone or Tablet – Click HERE to watch an overview on PocketCop

PocketCop’s powerful software is available on iOS and Android devices.

Law enforcement agencies benefit from faster access to critical information necessary to protect the community and increase tactical awareness with access to NCIC, Active Incidents, built-in navigation, and User-to-User communications. PocketCop utilizes the same architecture that supports the Caliber Mobile application.

“Years ago the radio was everything, then we went to Computer-Aided Dispatch and they said this should cut down on the need to use the radio for everything – and now today I do most everything on PocketCop and seldom ever use the radio. PocketCop is our tool to keep our officers safe. It’s our backbone.”

-Chief Steve S. Smith, Lebanon Schools Police Department, IN

And the best part is, it’s FirstNet Certified – the only nationwide wireless network built for first responders and the extended public safety community.


Vital Information From Your Smartphone or Tablet

PocketRescue’s flexible design and easy integration make it perfect for First Responders in the field. Maximize your resource planning and situational awareness with features like resource tracking, real-time incident updates, and User-to-User communications.

First Responders deserve mobile applications that can deliver critical communications, actionable data, and situational awareness for tactical decision making and increased responder safety in the field.

Empower your Fire and EMS responders with the mission critical tools they need – in their vehicle and out.


Caliber’s Nationwide, Real-Time Data Sharing Network

  • Share situational awareness information across multiple agencies through the InterDEx network.
  • Automated queries of multiple trusted public safety data sources naturally occur within RMS without additional actions by users or separate logins.
  • Smart Technologies to extend your knowledge network.

InterDEx is different because it does not require agencies to send their data to a 3rd party data warehouse. All the data stays in the agency’s current systems and remains under their complete control. Designed to be fully integrated with Caliber’s full suite of public safety applications, all products have the added benefit of access to the InterDEx data.

“Incident response data ‘lives in silos’ accessible to only the local agency and local first responders,” said Lt. Matt Jackson, with the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office, “and we know that ‘bad guys’ go back and forth between jurisdictions leaving our officers partially flying blind while in the field. After we adopted the InterDEx platform, we greatly improved inter-agency communication despite having different RMS systems and now get the right information at the right time into the hands of front-line law enforcement officers. This greatly improves tactical awareness.”


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