Know Before You Go

Caliber’s Mobile solutions deliver critical communication, actionable data, and situational awareness for tactical decision-making and responder safety.

Key Features:

  • Access to InterDEx Data Sharing Network
  • Standardized Parsed Query Response
  • Real-Time, Field-Based, Responsive Design
  • Multi-Environment Implementations
    • Hosted
    • Premise
    • Virtual

We have been using InterAct’s Mobile applications since 2004, and have had nothing but great success. For all the software maintenance plans that we are asked to continue annually, we never hesitate to pay their bill because their 24/7 customer service has always been second to none. Great company, great software — it works.

Mike Ward, Chief of Police

Alexandria KY Police Department

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Clear Actionable Data at a Glance

  • Parsed data increases situational and tactical awareness for first responders
  • Secondary queries are automatically generated
  • Includes advanced hit detection – allowing agencies to configure parameters for defining hits
  • Individual state interfaces developed and maintained in-house at no extra costs to cover third party vendors

InterDEx – One And Done

  • Provides responses from state and federal NCIC sources, plus 300 additional agencies who contribute data to InterDEx
  • Review search history from surrounding agencies to view frequency and details on searches – how often, who, and where the query was generated
  • Ability to chat with users from other agencies connected to InterDEx with a simple MOU

Common Platform

  • Mapping
  • Over-the-Air Self Updating client to automatically apply most current version
  • Full Caliber CAD NG integration
  • Administer unit substitutions and cross staffing; manage unit types and equipment + apparatus
  • Configurable down to every keystroke


* Security and Availability Policy