Niagara Falls, NY
Caliber Public Safety (Caliber) is pleased to announce that April Lazenby has been named Senior Sales Account Manager for Texas. Ms. Lazenby, a Caliber employee for five years, has experience with Caliber’s full line of products, including in-depth knowledge of InterAct solutions. She specializes in working with agencies on seamless migration paths that work toward greater product satisfaction.
April is a seasoned Account Manager who will work closely with Texas agencies to support current implementations and oversee future opportunities.
“Ms. Lazenby understands the diversity of products that our Texas clients are currently utilizing,” said Faysal Tay, Vice President of Sales for Caliber Public Safety. “April is an accomplished Account Manager who brings a wealth of knowledge from her 17 years as an IT Manager for Municipal Government. She works closely with clients to ensure their products fulfill the agency, and by extension, the community’s, needs. With her intensive IT background she naturally keeps up with technological advances in public safety software and passes that knowledge along to our clients.”
Caliber is a leader in the public safety marketplace, providing software solutions, technology and services of the highest caliber to agencies that protect and service hundreds of communities throughout the United States.


April Lazenby
Senior Sales Account Manager
(601) 325-6322