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Manage Your Facility with Safety and Control

What if you had a system that would allow you to define your own rules for booking requirements?

Does your current solution simplify and expedite booking and release processes?

Is your current Jail Management System part of a CAD, Mobile and RMS integrated solution?

TAC.10 Jail is a web-based application framework for correctional facilities, jails, and prisons that utilizes our T-10 platform built with Microsoft .NET. This module can stand alone or as part of an integrated suite of Law Enforcement applications such as RMS, CAD, Evidence, Investigations, Civil, and others.

Key Components:

  • Data sharing with CAD, Mobile and RMS
  • Configurable Wizards
  • Automated Invoicing and Reporting
  • User Configurable Profile with Role-based Security
  • Remote Control of Mug Shot Camera and Process

Optional Features:

  • LiveScan and VINE Interfaces
  • Automatic Social Security Export
  • Virtual Lineup
  • Multiple 3rd Party Provider Integrations

Jail Records: Your Records Searchable YOUR Way, Exported in YOUR Format.

  • Quick Find
  • Master Search
  • Full Search

Management of Daily Activities Across Multiple Facilities

Track inmate movements inside and outside your facility.

  • Track and Schedule Daily Inmate Activities
  • Monitor Inmate Medication Dissemination and Disposal
  • Account for Inmate and Agency Funds Received and Disbursed

Enhanced Bookings with Configurable Wizards

Improve Efficiency and Adoption for Current and New Users!

  • Allows for interruptions where users can suspend and later resume the wizard from the same workflow point.
  • The release wizard validates that all information has been entered and will guide the user directly to any missing information.
  • A step-by-step path for the user to follow from booking to release that validates processes based on your facility’s specifications.

Remote Control Mug Shot Module

  • Provides hardware and software necessary for the capture of NIST-compliant mug shots.
  • Enables direct control over zooming and panning for mug shots or photos of scars, marks and tattoos.
  • Photos are automatically saved and linked to the inmate record in the Master Person record.

The TAC.10 Jail Management System (JMS) allows correctional facilities to document and access important inmate information quickly and easily. The user interface is configurable to meet your needs from booking to inmate management to release.