Our services are what set us apart because we care about more than just a successful implementation, we care about our clients’ longevity with us.

From the moment you partner with Caliber, you become part of a comprehensive, ongoing, and long-term process designed to meet your organization’s unique needs, from beginning to end.

With over 40 years of experience in public safety, we offer exclusive industry insight and guidance supporting the implementation and long-term optimization of your new Caliber solution.  A lot of care and consideration go into every step of our process to get you from Concept to Execution.  Here’s what a typical journey with our team looks like:


The implementation of your new Caliber solution is a multi-step process that will be planned, coordinated, and deployed by a Caliber project manager, in complete consultation with you and your team. From planning and discovery through configuration and training, your Caliber representative will guide you through every step of the process, ensuring that you receive maximum functionality, usability, and longevity from your Caliber solution.

Our track record speaks for itself: Approximately 95% of our projects are delivered on-time and within budget.


Every setup is different. While your Caliber project manager keeps you apprised of progress, our technicians are working hands-on to fully implement your Caliber solution within your organization’s existing technological infrastructure, including hardware and software setup.

Technological deployment might mean installing a Caliber solution in your existing server and configuring that server appropriately. Alternately, our deployment team can also set up your Caliber software in our own hosting facility.


Data Migration is key to all implementations and we have a skilled team that can provide your organization with different options to analyze, map and convert your data from your current system. If you have data in readable format, our team can convert it!

Caliber is proud to also offer our very own in-house team of GIS experts who work with every agency to review, configure, and implement your mapping components for maximum success.

Don’t have a GIS team of your own?  No worries, our GIS team can even build a custom, comprehensive GIS package for you that will coordinate with your new Caliber solution – functioning seamlessly across all of your agency’s operations.


Our experienced trainers, many with public safety backgrounds, offer training onsite at your facility or remotely, utilizing the latest in web-based learning technologies. Training focuses on the Admin users first, ensuring the system is configured to reflect your agency’s specific practices and procedures.  Next is user training, which we can provide directly to your front-end users or to your internal training team, known as “Train the Trainer”.

Our style of training is a hands-on and collaborative experience, using your own data and configurations.  When training is complete, your team will feel at ease switching over because they have been developing their new skills using your real data and simulations that are actually practical to your organization.