An interesting piece in Android Central highlighted the information that first responders can obtain from a person’s Android phone. “The Personal Safety app on Android has added medical ID support for RapidSOS,” writes Brady Snyder, “a platform that shares critical medical information with first responders. With the new feature, a person’s medical data will be automatically shared with emergency services when a 911 call is placed. The initiative should help first responders respond quicker and more effectively since less information needs to be communicated verbally.”

RapidSOS and Caliber announced a partnership in 2019, in fact. During an emergency, RapidSOS enables connected devices (wearables, smart home devices, smartphone, connected cars, etc.) to transmit rich data such as accurate location, medical and demographic data, car telematics data, and additional information directly into 9-1-1 systems nationwide. This means that users of Caliber’s Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD NG) software will benefit from an integrated workflow to obtain accurate location information from iPhones and Android devices, as well as from medical sources and connected devices.

“This functionality is built upon the Android Emergency Location Service (ELS),” Snyder continues, “which shares a person’s location with first responders after they call for help. This has worked in Android phones since 2018 through the same RapidSOS for sharing location data with first responders. Though you might not have heard of the platform, it works with over 16,000 first responder agencies and collects data from more than 500 million devices. “

Snyder adds, “Medical information can be shared through RapidSOS on Android phones with the Personal Safety app, and it works on devices running on Android 12 or newer. Not every Android OEM offers the Personal Safety app, but examples of supported devices include recent Pixel phones and the Nothing Phone.”

Most people don’t think about emergencies until they have them. Integrating emergency response information on a person’s phone is one of the best ways to ensure that they will have that information when it is needed. After all, almost everyone has their phone almost all the time. It’s one of the most ubiquitous devices on the planet in modern society.

Caliber Public Safety’s PocketCop® application is one of the apps, used by first responders in the field, with which RapidSOS can automatically and simultaneously share information. This includes those en route as well as those on the scene, and includes Caliber’s Mobile 10. The goal of Caliber’s mobile solutions is to provide needed information to those who can use it to help those who require assistance. This is the point of public safety software overall… and the mission of public safety personnel more specifically.

These are exciting developments for the world of personal safety. Having a RapidSOS-compatible conduit on your phone that can communicate vital information to responding personnel, all of which can be supplied with other context when and where it is needed… this is a tremendous step for public safety overall. Caliber is proud to be part of that and will continue to operate at the bleeding edge of new technology for public safety.