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Management Systems

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Accurate, Actionable Information When It Counts

Online Records Management System brings the benefits of cloud computing to law enforcement records management, report writing, and investigations.

Key Features:

  • Web-Based: Access Anytime, Anywhere
  • Vendor Managed SaaS Offering
  • Workflow Validation for UCR/NIBRS

Cloud Technology

  • Multi-Tenant architecture enables agencies to share high performance servers for a more cost efficient cloud–based solution.
  • Agencies have complete independent control of administration, configuration and user access privileges.
  • As updates and enhancements become available, users can download releases immediately.

Secure and Efficient

  • Hosted online in secure facilities at Nlets, the nation’s premier interstate justice and public safety networks.
  • Nlets’ facilities meet strict FBI CJIS policies and have highly reliable redundant network paths to key state and federal entities with a disaster recovery site.
  • RMS Wizard reporting streamlines data entry and guides users to create accurate NIBRS/UCR-compliant incident reports.

Integrated, Real-Time Data Sharing with InterDEx

  • Obtain data from multiple public safety agencies without separate logins.
  • Access federated data queries from multiple trusted sources without storing information locally.

Share situational awareness information across multiple agencies through the InterDEx network.




* Security and Availability Policy