TAC.10 Records
Management Systems

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Your Software. Any Location. Any Computer. Any Time.

TAC.10 Records Management System brings the benefits of cloud computing to law enforcement records management, report writing, and investigations. A central repository of your agency’s intelligence readily available from any location, any computer, at any time. Access your applications from the office, vehicle, home or on the road with a browser-based RMS Solution to allow for easy data extraction, filtering and sharing.

Alert Notifications

Program alerts for any record in the system.  Receive notification via email any time an alert subscription has been triggered.

NIBRS/UCR and N-DEx Compliant

An intuitive validation wizard identifies errors and guides users to areas for correction.

Configurable, Agency Specific Forms

Utilize or modify existing forms or create agency specific forms for use with the Forms Builder module.

Secure Environment

Role-based security based on agency specific requirements.  FBI compliant passwords and two-factor authentications are available.

Full Audit Workflow

Audit records by keystroke to view the entire history of any change, by any user for every record.

Benefits for Officers

  • Case File Management gives each Investigator an overview of assigned cases as well as workflow tools that allow cases to go through an approval process.
  • Easily enter and track citations with this easy to use tool that makes report-generation simple.
  • Gives your agency the ability to enter and track information on the State DMV Crash/Accident form including drawing the crash diagrams electronically and attaching them to the report.


The NCIC module integrates seamlessly with our CAD, RMS, Mobile and JMS solutions, enabling users to run NCIC queries directly from the module they are currently using.