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Accurate, actionable information when it counts.

Highly secure cloud technology allows Online RMS, Caliber’s records management system, to get the right information into the hands of front-line officers at the right time. The web-based RMS deploys quickly and delivers unrivaled data-sharing and instant compliance with State and Federal NIBRS.

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Reduce reporting times and keep officers on patrol. 

Our Community Self-Reporting feature leverages the power of online RMS Custom Forms, giving agencies a secure, web-hosted point of contact where the public can submit non-emergency crime reports.

Caliber Community Reporting helps agencies:

  • Promote social distancing by reducing officer to public interactions for minor police reports.
  • Better service your community by reducing non-essential contacts ensuring officers are available to provide help when emergencies arise.
  • Keep officers on patrol and protecting communities by offering an alternate method for the public to report minor police reports without the need to dispatch an officer.

Caliber Community Reporting allows agencies to create and customize their own public forms, making them more effective as they are tailored to their unique set of needs and requirements. Agencies can make these forms available to the public via the agency’s own website.

Public forms support the following custom form field types:

  • Date & Time
  • Images
  • Text – Single Line
  • Text – Multiple Lines
  • Checkbox
  • Radio Buttons
  • Auto Complete

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Incident reporting made easy.

US law enforcement agencies trust Caliber’s industry-leading National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS) to collect and report data on crimes.

Reliable, capable and cost-effective

  • Real-time Integrated NIBRS checks and messages remove the complexities of NIBRS and guide officers with ease and efficiency.
  • Built with an open architecture design using standard industry tools.
  • Securely accessible through a web browser.
  • Equipped for single entry and Batch File Upload of data.
  • Structured for dual error checking at both the state and federal level.
  • Configurable and easy to use.
  • Powerful tools to record and analyze data.

Centralized Data Repository hosted at Nlets

  • Capability to ingest and output N-DEx, NIBRS, LEOKA, Hate Crime, and other UCR data.
  • Expeditiously transition agencies to submitting NIBRS.
  • Leverage Caliber’s experience from working with other Law Enforcement agencies in your state.

Improved Application Interface for State Repository Staff

  • Integrated software tools to view, analyze, and report.
  • Enhance crime data analysis.
  • 100% web browser-based user interface – no client software installation required.

Increased Efficiency in Local Agency Participation and Data Processing

  • Immediate data feedback.
  • Export custom reports in multiple formats.
  • Hosted NIBRS compliant RMS solution for local agencies with no RMS, or using an RMS that does not support NIBRS data capture and submissions.

Caliber’s Nationwide, Real-Time Data Sharing Network

  • Share situational awareness information across multiple agencies through the InterDEx network.
  • Automated queries of multiple trusted public safety data sources naturally occur within RMS without additional actions by users or separate logins.
  • Smart Technologies to extend your knowledge network.

InterDEx is different because it does not require agencies to send their data to a 3rd party data warehouse. All the data stays in the agency’s current systems and remains under their complete control. Designed to be fully integrated with Caliber’s full suite of public safety applications, all products have the added benefit of access to the InterDEx data.

“Incident response data ‘lives in silos’ accessible to only the local agency and local first responders,” said Lt. Matt Jackson, with the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office, “and we know that ‘bad guys’ go back and forth between jurisdictions leaving our officers partially flying blind while in the field. After we adopted the InterDEx platform, we greatly improved inter-agency communication despite having different RMS systems and now get the right information at the right time into the hands of front-line law enforcement officers. This greatly improves tactical awareness.”

LexisNexis® Risk Solutions Accurint and Caliber Public Safety: Expanding your Querying Capabilities

Our innovative partnership with LexisNexis® Risk Solutions Accurint features:

  • Access to valuable open-source data for Caliber’s public safety customers that help keep officers and communities safer.
  • Integrated as natural workflows of RMS. Run real-time public data queries directly from RMS to improve identification for investigative purposes.
  • Improved Identity resolution, intelligence-driven policing decisions, and investigative outcomes.

Our Online RMS is hosted through NLETS.  The state-of-the-art and highly secure public safety data-sharing network, currently being used by law enforcement agencies all over the country.  Routine audits by the Federal Bureau of Investigations ensure that sensitive information processed by NLETS is always secure.

CJIS Security Protocols

Caliber Public Safety adheres to all policies and procedures set forth by Criminal Justice Information Systems protocols. Including certifying applicable employees through background checks and continued CJIS security training.

SOC 2 Type II

Caliber Public Safety’s SOC 2 Type II report provided a thorough review of our organization’s internal controls related to the security and processing integrity of our system. This independent audit report verifies our commitment to security, availability, privacy and confidentiality.

FIPS Cryptography

Our cryptography for encryption of all data in motion, as well as at rest, complies with the Federal Information Processing Standards 140-2. Mandatory for federal government departments that collect, share, transfer and disseminate “sensitive but not classified” information.


Key Features

  • Web-Based: Access Anytime, Anywhere.
  • Vendor Managed SaaS Offering.
  • Workflow Validation for UCR/NIBRS.
  • No agency IT expertise required to deploy and manage the system.
  • Data-driven dashboards and analysis.
  • Crime Data Visualizations to connect the dots.
  • Choose from over 40 standard interfaces and 80+ services for data sharing.
  • Leverage online forms and implement custom workflows.

Cloud Technology

  • Multi-Tenant architecture enables agencies to share high-performance servers for a more cost-efficient cloud-based solution.
  • Agencies have complete independent control of administration, configuration, and user access privileges.
  • Automatic updates ensure agencies are always on the latest software.
  • Expedited deployments. Small agencies can be up and running as soon as the next business day.
  • Fully redundant systems and Proven Disaster Recovery (DR) practices make sure your data is protected and available when you need it.

Secure and Efficient

  • Hosted online in secure facilities at Nlets, the nation’s premier interstate justice and public safety networks.
  • Nlets’ facilities meet strict FBI CJIS policies and have highly reliable redundant network paths to key state and federal entities with a disaster recovery site.
  • RMS Wizard simplifies data entry and removes the complexity and guesswork with completing NIBRS.
  • Annual SOC 2 Type 2 assessment by independent 3rd party – making sure your data is protected and customer commitments are being met.
  • Maintained and operated by CJIS trained personnel.