[Belzoni, MS – August 29, 2023] – The Humphreys County Sheriff’s Office and Caliber Public Safety proudly announce the successful rollout of their state-of-the-art CAD system. This innovative tool promises enhanced efficiency for 911 Dispatchers, ensuring First Responders are equipped with critical, real-time information necessary to carry out their duties. This launch culmination reflects months of diligent work from both teams, notably spearheaded by 911 Director Nina Lankston and Sheriff’s Office Administrator Gail Hood.

In a heartfelt acknowledgment of the successful project completion, Gail F. Hood, Administrative Assistant at the Sheriff’s Office, praised the seamless transition to the new system, stating, “Our agency is extremely happy with the new system. The presentation of the Caliber CAD system was remarkable, and I genuinely appreciate the professionalism and the positive efforts exhibited to complete this project in a timely manner. I’d like to extend a special thanks to Mr. Lee Stancill for his professional dedication and hard work in seeing this project through. We look forward to your continued and committed service on anticipated future projects.”

Often referred to as the “Heart of the Delta” and the “Catfish Capital of the World”, Humphreys County witnessed an immense tragedy a few months ago. A severe tornado system devastated several communities, particularly ravaging Silver City. This natural disaster resulted in the unfortunate loss of 17 lives and injured 165 community members.

In the aftermath, as the community united to rebuild, Sheriff Bruce Williams Sr. and his office prioritized fortifying infrastructure for First Responders. This commitment led to the strategic decision to upgrade their existing CAD system, choosing Caliber’s cutting-edge CAD NG product. Collaboratively, AT&T and Caliber Public Safety expeditiously installed the necessary equipment, tripling the 911 workstations. This expansion empowers the Sheriff’s Office with the capacity to simultaneously operate multiple dispatch stations during critical incidents or extreme weather scenarios.

The CAD NG system by Caliber optimizes the dispatcher’s capability to swiftly respond to emergency calls. It enables instant notifications to Law Enforcement, EMS, and Fire Departments during crises. Moreover, it consistently updates First Responders through text or email, providing pivotal information as collated by 911. Another significant enhancement includes updating the County’s map data, incorporating new road names, residences, and businesses, ensuring swift and precise emergency location determination.

“We at Caliber are deeply committed to the communities we serve. Witnessing the unwavering spirit of Humphreys County in the face of adversity has been truly inspirational. With the rollout of the CAD NG system, our goal is not only to elevate the efficiency of emergency services but to be a steadfast pillar of support in the County’s journey towards recovery and growth.” – Tammie Wojcieszak, Ph.D., Executive Vice President

Caliber Public Safety expresses its profound gratitude to its dedicated team members, the Sheriff’s Office personnel, and AT&T for their relentless contributions in realizing this milestone. Caliber is eager to fortify its enduring relationship with the Humphreys County community in the forthcoming years.

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