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SafeTown is a powerful suite of cloud and mobile applications that empower citizens to share information with local law enforcement, fire and emergency services, and other citizens to make communities safer, more secure places to live.

SafeTown provides citizens with the ability to create household profiles that provide critical information to first responders in the event of an emergency. Household profiles include pictures, descriptions, medical condition, and entry information. Rapid access to this critical information saves seconds, and in the case of emergency, seconds may save lives.

Law enforcement and fire and emergency services agencies utilize SafeTown to post information for the community, alerting them to traffic accidents, criminal activity, or local weather information. This very secure and effective real-time visibility to information builds and strengthens the relationship with the citizens in your community, while keeping them informed and safe.

SafeTown Apps include:

  • Household Profile
  • Cardiac Response
  • Community Alerts
  • Jail Information
  • Report a Problem
  • Crime Maps

SafeTown supports community-oriented policing initiatives and assists in the creation, growth and management of effective neighborhood watch groups. Informed, engaged citizens become a force multiplier for public safety agencies in SafeTown communities.