The Saline County Sheriff’s Office in Marshall, Missouri will be adding a new Records Management System to complement its current Caliber Jail Management solution, implemented last Fall. Saline County is one of the largest counties in the state at almost 800 square miles. Working in tandem, these two Caliber systems will enable the effective and efficient operation of Saline County operations, allowing the Sheriff’s Office to organize, track, and access the vast amount of information that flows through the system daily.
Caliber’s RMS provides guidance, via the Incident Wizard, to ensure that quality data input is always consistent and reliable, no matter if your most experienced records clerk or your newest officer is capturing the data. RMS searching power is multiplied with InterDEx, Caliber’s unique network of hundreds of nationwide data sources, which includes access to other jurisdiction’s police reports and narratives. Our goal is to provide tools of the highest caliber that turn data into credible information, and to ensure that the information, once input, is easily retrieved and useful to prevent and solve crime.